13 comments on “Nigeria: Muslims Murder More Than 100 Christians and Burn Their Villages

    • Lord we pray for all the hurting christians in the world that are laying down their lives for their belief in you Jesus. We ask you to give them strength to endure all these sufferings they have to endure. May every drop of their blood bring the weakening of the demonic spirits behind this evil islamic religion. Take them to Heaven and confort all those loved ones they leave behind. May your peace which passes all understanding be with them. May You doom the enemies of the Cross with swift judgement causing them to know that we serve a living God. Peace be on all true followers of the Cross. Amen.


  1. I am so angry and frustrated with all this incessant Islamic hatred. Screw you politicians like Cameron in the UK who keep bleating that islam is the religion of peace – THE HELL IT IS. And curse the traitorous media who whitewash the news about what is really happening. See and ye shall find, the see are wakweup calls to all thoss who love freedom.
    Please circulate the following link wherever you can


  2. I agree, those Christians who are not fighting the spred of Islam are actually helping to spred Islam. So, many Christians in America today are not even praying for their Christian brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered, and God will hold them accountable.


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  4. The armies of heaven are massing and one day, Islam will be a forbidden religion. As a Christian myself I can feel the greaf that all of these brothers and sisters are going through. This evil false religion will have its place in the lake of fire with the Devil and all his fallen angels. God be with all the hurting and persecuted cristians in the world today and may God judge the evil in mens hearts. Repent O you muslims least Almighty God come suddenly and destroy you. You are about to fall into the Hands of an angry God. Even so Lord, come quickly!


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