6 comments on “Birmingham,UK: Muslim Man Arrested for Stabbing His Mother and Two Little Sisters

  1. Yet another unnecessary burden on the UK’s free health service. I have always maintained that all immigrants should enter the host country under strict contract. Any criminality should lead to their expedited deportation along with their families. This contract with the host country should be maintained for at least ten years, citizenship should also be withheld for that time. Any similar incidents, such as traffic violations or social security breaches would lead to extending that qualifying period. This idiot will probably receive counselling, an interpreter, a suspended sentence and employment subsidised by the state, while some honest & deserving families struggle to survive. At the same time those UK families on welfare will still get the blame for everything that is wrong with our economy. What a bloody mess our politicians and the liberal traitors are making of the West


  2. Don’t mention the war………. An Australian army major is expected to be kicked out of their military, after he made a series of controversial comments about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 07:30:08 +0000 To: cassarjon@hotmail.com


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