5 comments on “CAIR Terrorist Org. Fights to Shut Down the Showing of ‘Honor Diaries’ Documentary That Exposes Violence Against Muslim Women in Islam (Video)

  1. Islam a man made religion filled with the mixed up ideology of men. Full of hate which confirms it is not of the True Elohim, the Elohim of Avraham, Yitzchak or Ya’akov (Yisrael)….This religion of men will be crushed by Yehoshua just as all religions of men will be when He returns to rid this world of Iniquity (law-lessness or Torah-lessness).
    Islam is nothing but a disease that needs to be vaccinated from the human race, and it will be soon!


      • Shalom brother, yes very good thanks, have been busy with a new business….good to see you going strong with some great articles…
        We are seeing a higher presence of Islamic groups on the streets of New Zealand and of course Australia so my goal is to keep up the pressure on these groups whom are using the media to blame westerners for their misunderstanding of Islam etc etc….nothing new eh.

        Take care

        Shalom u’vrakhot


      • re: Petra;

        Your business will be blessed, my brother.

        Yes, I have been reading about the increase in Islamic aggression in New Zealand. I suspected that was coming..

        The same is occurring in Sri Lanka and many other nations.

        Keep in touch with me when you are able.

        The peace and love of Yahushua Ha’Mashiach be with you and your family always.

        – – – –

        Shalom u’vrakhot

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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