50 comments on “Saudi Arabia: Officials Sew the Mouth and Eye Shut of a Young Girl Who Professed ‘..Jesus as Her Saviour..’

  1. So the hatred Christ said His people would suffer is real, and horrific. If things are getting this bad with these evil people, I wish for the Lord’s return as soon as He can.


  2. Man, I was in the wrong war. I just want to *______ mus–all the mus.

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    • re: Lt Roger Wilco;

      My apologies Sir, but I had to slightly moderate your comment.

      For purposes of ‘..self-preservation..’

      I concur 100% with your sentiments.

      Thank you Sir for your honorable service to our Republic.

      Molon Labe!


      – – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. What I can’t understand is, why are any of these Muslim nations allowed membership in the UN? I can understand that nations want a bit of the blood money from oil revenues back but, beyond that, why deal with Muslims?


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  5. This is so disturbing. May God be ever gracious to this young woman and have mercy upon those who victimized her, bringing them to repentance and true forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. The shocking reality of Sharia law is incredibly demonic and this picture is one of thousands of abuses they inflict upon Christians.


  6. nobody should be surprise of this act against this girl. If muslims can drink camel urine and allowed grown men to be breastfed, suicide bombed, and honor killed, etc, this is very simple for them. now those politicians who think that islam is peaceful are being corrected every time and everywhere in islamic countries and islamic dominated communities


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  8. The picture in this article may be a “file photo” but the story is 100% accurate. I personally know this because I am currently in Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia and we heard about this the day after it happened. One of our neighbors knows the family of this girl.

    The use of a file photo is a commonly recognized journalistic practice, anytime a report/news story comes in without a picture of the “actual” person involved. The report is a “stand-alone” report and the use of a file photo does not negate the story itself.

    I checked your sources and they are very reliable and trustworthy. Our agency is familiar with both of them. One is based out of Morocco and the other is based out of Iran. They both have field offices here in Saudi Arabia.

    Your sources should have denoted “file photo” under the picture, because there are people that are ignorant of journalism and will attempt to discredit the story based upon the use of a file photo. They cannot disprove the truth of the content of the story itself, so they will attack you anywhere they can. I understand that your site used the same photo that your sources did although, I would actually recommend either writing “file photo” under the picture or getting rid of the picture all together and allowing the story to stand alone.

    Thank you for sharing the truth.


    • re: Dr. Paul Reynolds Jr.;

      Thank you for this information. You are correct on all accounts. We were recently sent the link to the picture and it does appear that the photo is a file photo. I wish our sources would have made note of this. We just did. If you can obtain any further information on this case or other similar cases, please let me know. Thank you.

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  10. People not all Muslims are like that Islam is a religion that invites people to love and respect…however some are retarded mentally sick like Saudi arabians … I m a Christian and I feel sorry for these people… God help every Christian that is suffering from oppression and hatered in this world


    • re: Jpn;

      Assalam Alaikum.

      ‘..Muslims love Jesus..?’ Oh really? I hear this a lot.

      If this is true, please answer this question for me:

      “IF” Muslims love Jesus so much, why do so many Muslims murder the followers of Jesus?

      “IF” Muslims love Jesus so much, why do so many Muslims burn down Jesus’ houses of worship? (Churches?)

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • re: fromfame;

        Assalam alaikum.

        Not “all” Muslims are murderers. You are correct. Although, never have I said ‘..all Muslims are murderers..’

        Islam, Judaism and Judeo-Christianity are NOT from the ‘..same G-d..’

        Judaism and Judeo-Christianity are from the same One Lord thy G-d. “HaShem.” The Hebrew G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

        – – – – – –

        Islam originates from the worship of the Pagan Moon God: “al-il’ah”

        Although, Ishmail was Jewish and his parents were Jewish followers of the Hebrew G-d “HaShem.”

        And there are many “Arabs” that are descendants of Ishmail and some later converted to Islam in the 7th-8th Century but the majority of Muslims were Pagan converts.

        – – – –

        But, if you read Torah and read al-Qur’an.. many of the passages are “opposing instruction” and contradictory.

        They both could not have been inspired by the same G-d.

        – – – –

        Peace be with you.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Do not be afraid the muslim religion and peoples will be on judgement day when that day comes,enough of lip-services the muslim people should embark on a crusade(jihad) to journey find those who performed this barbaric act and crucify them and not only let alone what the non-muslim would do when these barbarians with their barbaric acts are apprehended


  11. But what happened to the Profile Girl? that is horrific….

    Punishments like this in Saudi Arabia is very common. The most common one is Lashing and beatings. Professing Christianity has severe punishments in Saudi Arabia….

    IRAN is another place where they still practice stonning until death which is horrific to watch…I believe it is more to do with culture and backwardness than the religion of Islam itself.


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  16. Oh the brutal hands that crushed, bruised and rejected The Lord Jesus Christ, are still at large, inflicting suffering and pain on who follow him. The same Satan who is behind the Saudi satanic hands will be bound and put in hell unless he trusts in the same Jesus. Hell is Satan’s home and portion and all that follow him will give him company in that wretched place. But this girl, will be with The Lord and will be enjoying heavenly bliss and peace. Be of good cheer little girl…this time is short and will pass away. Every tear will be wiped away from your eye. You professed your faith. You did well.
    For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son who incarnated from heaven, that who ever believes in him will not perish in hell but have eternal life in heaven. He died, but rose again. Only faith in Him can save…none other.. May this blessed state be yours oh you one who inflicted this pain on this little girl… May her profession be yours too.


  17. Another example of the insanity of religion. We see the same kinds of things in our society if a christian youth wants to explore Islam… They would be coherced in some way or another and kept up as an example. The further the world gets away from fundamentalist religion the better. This is because of one person saying my god is the only one… Pure ignorence. We should put all these people in one nation and let them battle it out and hopefully at the end those of us who are rational and realise man has no true statement to understanding god. Hopefully then they will all kill each other off and show the world that no one has a right to god.


    • re: jaxton;

      This has to be one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. Anyone who would lump ALL religions together based upon the crimes of ONLY ONE false-religion..could only be an atheist.

      I have more respect for a Muslim than an atheist.

      At least they are intelligent enough to acknowledge the truth that there is a Creator.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • You have GOT to be mental. But the term ignoramus will have to suffice as at least that can be proven via your written word. It’s really too bad you don’t know my Jesus. You see, Christians do not coerce anyone. We realize that God created us all with a FREE WILL. We MAY speak of our Redeemer, Savior and King, but we are not Muslims who threaten convert or die. We do not take Muslims as prisoners and seek to torture and I am MORE than positive you have all your information wrong. The people who would be doing something like this would be Muslims claiming to be Christians, giving Christians a bad name.


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  20. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what happens when a society of people kicks the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible out. Ofcourse, the Muhammadans took over Arabia long ago and murdered all the Jews, God’s Chosen people, who had wonderful communities there, and the Christians, God’s children. But, the Gospel stands strong. Even with these murderous vicious barbaric attacks there are many people becoming believers in Jesus Christ. There are former Muslims who have heard and believed the Gospel and also Jesus Himself has appeared to some of them and they see the thing that Biblical Christianity has that Islam does not have: LOVE. The fact that God IS LOVE. Yes, Hell is real, and yes, people who end up in the Lake of Fire will burn there forever…not because God hates them but because they hated Him and rejected His offer of Himself, eternal life.

    If you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and His death burial and resurrection alone for eternal life, eternal salvation, the Bible is clear: You are forever HIS.

    Allah is a false god, an idol, and his false prophet Muhammad had and have no love to these people. Never will you find a single place where it says Allah is love in the quaran or hadiths, and there is never a place where it says allah loves sinners. the only sort of love in Islam and it is not real love, is when a person murders and follows allah. There is no personal relational love in there. Allah is never called “Father” whereas in the Bible God is called Father and He loved us when we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!

    In other words, ONLY THE GOD OF ABRAHAM ISAAC AND JACOB, which includes JESUS CHRIST for He is the Eternal Son of God, has UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. You will not find this in Islam or any other Non-Biblical faith.

    That makes a BIG DIFFERENCE.

    The thing is, the more these countries in the west try to kick out the Bible and Jesus, the more Islam will grow. You want to see the end of Islam? Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims. Tell them of His love and yes also of the penalty of what happens when a soul rejects His eternal life line, and, tell them about His love for the Jewish people, too.

    God is the Ultimate Zionist.


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