10 comments on “Albany,NY: Iraqi Refugee Convicted of the Brutal Rape of an American Teenage Girl

  1. This is becoming common in Australia too. These men are just not culturally compatible with our ways. They’re sexually repressed in their own countries and can’t handle foreign women. I shan’t be too surprised if this guy becomes a poster boy for the ‘cultural equivalence’ crowd and he gets off on appeal.


    • I’m not condoning rape but I don’t think this is not an inproportionat amount considering the size of Albany I would have to see overall statistics and demographic proportions although I do have to agree that most Muslims are sexual degenerates incapable of controlling their sexual urges in a free and open society most of them refuse to integrate. I think the only reason they are here is to propagate there goal of a world wide caliphate


  2. light sentencing for the devastating impact the acts of these men well have on the lives of their victims they should carry out their sentences and be sent back to their native countries


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