20 comments on “14-Year-old Child Bride That Was Forcibly Married Poisons the Groom

      • I’ll bet those rats weren’t laughing when they flopped face down in their meal. It’s nice to see a bit of good news like this for a change.


  1. She should be rewarded! Ive a couple friends online from Kenya! We talk sometimes! They say they never heard before that he was or is a good man! Yet they are surprised at some of the things i tell and send them! YES lets let Kenya know what kind of asshole came here and trying to make us socialist country! We talked about guns! One friend said I hate guns! So dangerous! NOBODY in Kenya is allowed guns! I said DONT be afraid of Guns! Be afraid of BAD MEN! A gun is harmless. It has NO brain or ability to move on its own! These people have been BRAINWASHED! Believing its the GUN! Same thing they are TRYING to do here in USA! I get so pissed off at the ignorance of people in THIS country who just cant see whats going on here in this country! Its FAR easier to talk to Foreigners! They hear! And are teachable! NOT closed minded like so many here!


  2. Islamophobia claim in London http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/an-investigation-is-not-islamophobia-the-asian-mayor-of-tower-hamlets-says-he-welcomes-scrutiny-yet-he-tried-to-stop-a-bbc-panorama-report-9256552.html This is what’s happened in the USA where CAIR have attempted to stop the showing of ‘Honor Diaries’, as well as bringing pressure to bear on Brandeis University not to allow Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak. FJ Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2014 17:42:06 +0000 To: cassarjon@hotmail.com


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  4. ok. I laughed too. I think that God understands the circumstances. Female genital mutilation, rape, death in childbirth or serious health problems from giving birth after having had genitals mutilated in early childhood…..who can blame her for this? And it creeps me out that it was a room full of guys… she probably saved herself from gang rape and dying slowly of injuries. God bless the poor girl.


  5. Violence does seem to pervade anything and everything in the Muslim world – but in this case I can understand, if not sympathize with this young woman’s actions. Maybe if more Muslim women were to visit the same kind of treatment on Muslim men as the men inflict upon women there might be an improvement in the treatment of women and children.


    • re: WatrGrrl;

      Absolutely. She did what she felt she had to do to survive.

      The “3 friends” of the groom could have been hostile to her, had she only poisoned the groom. Maybe if she only poisoned the groom, the other 3 would have gang-raped and murdered her. They may have sought revenge for their friend. (Not a real stretch of the imagination in the world of Islam, huh?) Or, perhaps the poisoning of the other 3 was only incidental, because she had to prepare the poison in the entire meal to ensure it was consumed by the groom and the other 3 ate from it.

      Those are the “unknowns.”

      But when I see a little 14-year-old girl that was forcibly married against her will, on the one hand..

      and an adult male with his friends on the other hand…

      I will always stand with the little girl.

      I bet many Muslim men of forced brides will now think twice before swallowing.. 🙂

      And rightly so.

      – – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • It’s a pity that young lady can’t take a holiday here in the UK. There’s plenty of them over here to poison.


      • Thank you for your response and THANK YOU for posting as much as you do for the plight of women living in those barbaric societies! The more the atrocities are publicized the more scrutiny Muslim men can come under in more civilized nations to, hopefully, stamp out this type of treatment IN civilized nations. I have little hope, though, that a solution will be found to help stop the murders, rapes, beatings and mutilations in Muslim-dominated nations. The best thing for those women is to take their children and escape, any way they can…


      • re: WatrGrrl;

        Thank you for your compliment. It is greatly appreciated.

        I have a feeling that there are many Muslim women that appreciate us sharing their stories, but they are too afraid to even acknowledge it..’lest they be caught and tormented worse.

        The only thing that can come of continued silence is continued violence.

        Shining a light back in the dark corner is our greatest chance at bringing about change. We are making a difference, slowly but assuredly.

        We just cannot ever give up. It’s persistence in the face of adversity that will strengthen us in our resistance towards victory.


        – – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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