9 comments on “Pakistan: Jirga Orders Honor Killing of a Woman and Forced Marriage of a 7 and 10-Year-old Girl or the Girls Will be Murdered

  1. They cannot be serious! Typical Muslim anti-human laws – and they are allowed to do this! Where is the international community? I realize women have no rights in this country but we are living in the 21st century, when are these people going to grow up?


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    The problem few people are prepared to talk about is that this ludicrous but incredibly dangerous situation for women and girls is part of the culture of much of Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

    On the whole very few people leave a country because of its culture, they leave because of war poverty, famine and so on. Many of them think their culture like their religion is not only equal to but better than the culture of the new country and that has got to change.

    It hasn’t changed yet but that maybe, probably is because the authorities in the new countries have shown themselves to be unwilling to deal with anything controversial and that too is something that has to change and the sooner the better


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