17 comments on “U.S. Government Surrenders to Cliven Bundy and the U.S. Militia in Nevada Ranch Standoff

  1. It would be pretty stupid to bring a knife to a gun fight! They are the militia…they carry guns! DUH! What do people think…they’ll talk to the Feds and they’ll all go home? We see how well that went in Waco didn’t we?

    I highly doubt the militia or the other folks who are standing in support of the Bundy’s will fire the first shot…. the other side is more likely to do that. They already tasered people, threw women to the ground and have their dogs…..

    I don’t think this is the last of this…..they’ll back off till all the hoopla has died down and the militia is gone…then they’ll go back and finish the business they started. Don’t be surprised if the Bundy’s are burned out or go missing….

    If anyone is interested….. this site is keeping a running tab on this story and archiving them….. Related Breaking Stories and Historical Archives http://www.teamnetworks.net/blog/2174/updates-nevada-rancher-cliven-bundy-under-attack-b/

    Ongoing continual update from the Bundy’s on their BundyBlog http://bundyranch.blogspot.com/


    • What bothered me even more about this….Dirty Harry Reid was behind it WITH THE CHINESE!
      There is also an audio recording that reveals the BLM Agent, Dan Love and Pete Santilli threatening each other with arrest over violations of the U.S. Constitution.


      They are not finished yet…they will go back and try again.


    • i wish you would do this sort of action in places where muslims are taking over like dearborn. this is what every town needs to do as soon as muslims try laying down the law. fight them america, youve shown you can do it and win. lead the way for all the other countries these muslims are trying to islamis


      • The problem with trying to fight the takeovers by moslems in America is not with the American people …. there is a group in Dearborn trying to fight back. It has to do with the current administration in the WH.

        That group in Dearborn was arrested a few times now for just giving out pamphlets about Christianity….

        When you have a government that sees Christians as the enemy…. it’s pretty difficult to make any headway into curbing the nonsense that the satanic cult of islam is doing.

        Canada and Russia are leading the way against Islamism now….. America is not the strong voice anymore.


  2. I want to thank you for posting about this, Since I always check about muslim atrocities first, this was the only islam awareness sites out the 4 or 5 I usually check that posted about it, so I heard about here first. Thank you!


    • re: Chatafucup;

      We are happy that you found it here first.

      Thank you for taking the time to write us and let us know.

      Also, thank you for reading sharia unveiled.

      – – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. Bundy Ranch: BLM agent Dan Love and Pete Santilli threatening each other with arrest over violations of U.S. Constitution

    ~ This isn’t over! They’ll be back in !~

    Hours earlier, the U.S. government ordered the FAA to erect a “No Fly Zone” over the Bundy Ranch, almost as if they were staging a war in Iraq! See the astonishing photo of the bovine concentration camps
    the BLM had erected:

    The situation had been rapidly escalating into America’s “Tiananmen Square” incident, where bloodshed seemed imminent:

    The lamestream media, meanwhile, pretended nothing was happening! On orders from Washington, every major media outlet willfully ignored this historic event and all but refused to cover it:

    The story of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada has exploded far beyond one family’s disagreement with the BLM.

    Now the truth is coming out about how the BLM has been seizing land in order to auction off huge chunks of America to foreign interests.

    I’ve learned that a very important press conference is being held at the Bundy Ranch today (Monday) concerning the massive federal land theft from numerous western states.

    Here’s my story on why this is the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution:

    Learn more about what’s really going on from journalist Greg Hunter:


    • Yesterday one of our congressmen was on LOCAL talk radio! He was asked about that situation! His reply WAS the guy is GUILTY! He is in the wrong because he is grazing his cattle on FEDERAL land and is required to pay fees/grazing taxes! One thing the caller DIDNT have time to ask is WASNT HE PAYING THEM? Got PROOF? Why would the Feds come if he was dutifully paying? My feeling is Bundy is possibly a Rep, Conservative, or TEA party guy! And the GOVT never expected this kind of coverage! So they backed off! Wanna BET if he was a Dem and Obama supporter/Donator he never would been bothered!!!!!


      • Bundy refused to pay the fees to the Fed. Agency…he did try to pay at the local/State level but they wouldn’t take his monies.

        I would be willing to bet Bundy is a Rep, Conservative, Tea Party guy and a Christian …perhaps even a Veteran! You’re correct that if it was an Obummer supporter this would have been a non-issue!


      • The motive behind this is very clear to me. HE had been on that acreage for years and years. Doesn’t it go back to a generation before this generation of Bundy(s)?

        Then they come up with this ridiculous excuse of a, what was it, a “turtle”?????

        Dirty Harry was helping the Chinese take over MORE land. China wanted to build on it.
        China had already been given Eminent Domain to land in Idaho and Texas due to the debt.

        Remind me please of the details, but it seems they had already “gained permission” years and years ago to develop portions of the land. Wasn’t there a law suit and they won it with the Bundy’s and their children to receive a huge amount of $$?


      • Upaces….

        Bundy’s family has been on that land since the late 1800’s I think….

        Bundy’s refusal to pay the feds for the grazing rights was due to the BLM started out by saying they would help the farmers in whatever way the farmers needed so that they would be productive farms. The dues where supposedly to be used to do that…. but the promise of the Feds wasn’t worth the paper it was written on ( as usual!) ….no farmer ever got the help they needed to be productive and many of them went out of business. The BLM was restricting even how many cows the Bundy’s could have grazing!! 150 cows does not a ranch make!

        I’m still reading about the court decisions and the rest of the back up story to this show down…. So I can’t comment on that just yet…. 🙂 but whatever the decision…. just think of who is actually pulling the strings here with the Bundy’s….


  4. Its all pretty obvious! Drop it to protect the Party! To keep it from Media which wouldnt cover it anyway! But to make sure As few Americans as possible hear about it! ELECTION COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


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