11 comments on “Islamic Imam and 3 Other Muslims Gang-Rape and Murder a 12-Year-old Girl in Mosque

  1. Islam at its finest…………barbaric! They will never change! The Quran is false and the Prophet Muhammed was a pervert and all of these animals swear to their allegiance!


  2. Muslim women need to fight back against rape, sexual and physical abuse by any means possible – using their Q’uran, networking with other women, secular courts where Sharia doesn’t hold legal authority in a country and, if needed, self-defense using any means necessary. Personally, I’d favor pruning shears in the night and leaving the country by the most rapid and/or covert means available. Networking only though trusted womens’ networks or foreign womens’ assistance organizations for shelter, travel funds, passports and safe houses until reaching the west. Even then, caution would be vital as I do not believe Obama’s government is trustworthy.


  3. Why are they deceiving themselves,we all know that the religion they practice is not of God hence they shouldn’t commit evil in the name of religion.Judgement awaits them all.


  4. Allah in the Quran is a spirit that says it cannot be a father and it cannot have children
    This spirit is Satan and we will not follow it, Muslims are fools


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