16 comments on “Boko Haram Muslim Terrorists Massacre At Least 200 Christian Children on the Way to School

  1. While our idiot politicians and the liberal left are trying to persuade us this is the religion of peace and Muslims attempt to distance themselves from these inhuman acts, there can be NO DOUBT at all that Islam and the hateful quran are the driving force behind ALL these events. Time to get tough, time for change.


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  3. They claim they are righteous, that what they do is Holy, and in fact sanctioned by God Himself, yet they hide their face.


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  5. Now that we know that Barack Obama is a ‘subud muslim’ it is no wonder he does what he does to undermine America and he does nothing to help the Christians in foreign countries….What bothers me is this: the leaders all know his background and yet they turn a blind eye. Why does Eric Holder allow CAIR (a designated Hamas supporter) to still do business in the USA?…Islam is truly an evil religion, if one can call it a religion….It is obvious to anyone who can see…What is needed here in the USA is not another election, but a revolution….In Nevada the ‘King’s soldiers’ were ready to murder unarmed men women and children until they came to know that in the hills around them there were people who had guns…then the ‘Federals’ backed off….and not because they were up against unarmed men, women and children, but because there were others who were not unarmed…So we can see where the Federal government under Reid and Obama and Holder has gone…What would have happened in Nevada had the President been able to drone strike those people? Reid calls those people ‘domestic terrorists’ while he ignores Boko Haram and what they continue to do to innocent children….The “generals” had better wake up fast….Time is of the essence. YHVH is about to strike them…..This is just one more warning, but this time the House of Israel-10 tribes are out of exile…There is meat on this bone…but not much time left…There is nothing of Islam that will survive…there is nothing of Islam that is to be saved…..and like GW said..Either you are with the terrorists or you are with us…So, if you are not with us then you really have no where else to go…..Obama is a ‘subud muslim’, after his father….So what principled “Godly” leadership do you think he will provide. This is what is meant by having yourself turned over to a reprobate mind….If there were a true ‘righteous’ man in the WH there would be no Boko Haram….but there is a reprobate instead….Blame that on false shepherds of the Christian faith…..


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