12 comments on “A 3-Year-old Boy’s Head Found in the Home of a Pakistani Muslim That Digs Up and Eats Corpses

  1. must be all the inbreeding marrying their first cousins that’s probably part of the big problem all that inbreeding has causes major deformities in their brains just like the old European monarchies marrying within the family causes insanity


  2. This is far worse even than the cannibalism mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:53-57. How come these two haven’t become very unwell?


      • re: tellthetruth1;

        Well, I can tell you it has nothing to do with cannibalism. Never have I heard such a ludicrous claim. I mean literally, “you” are the first person I have ever heard say that. You clearly are not familiar with Jewish history. NEVER have Jews been cannibals. Never would HaShem (Our Lord thy G-d) instruct the Jews to ‘..eat each other..’ If you stop and “THINK” ..it sounds ridiculous.

        Torah and the Holy Bible cannot be “cherry-picked” where you simply pull one verse out of a story/chapter/book etc. Context is everything.

        If that were the case, anyone could find anything to support any argument.

        Furthermore, the majority of the Holy Bible is written in metaphor, allegory, etc.

        For example: In Revelations, there is a verse that states: (paraphrased) ..the Beast with 7 horns will rise up from the Middle East..’

        This is NOT referring to a LITERAL ‘..monster with 7 horns..’

        The “Beast” is ISLAM. The ‘..7 horns..’ represent the 7 kingdoms on earth.

        Earlier in the Book of Revelations.. It speaks of an empire that will rise up out of the Middle East. This empire is referred to as ‘..the Beast..’ and from this empire will come the Anti-Christ. And He will rule the Earth for 7 Years.

        One could only know that ‘..the Beast..’ is a metaphorical term if they read and understood that which was written earlier in the Book.

        Often, the “earlier references” are in other books of the Bible and only make sense when read in its entirety.

        There are thousands of examples like this.

        Have you ever heard what Jesus said at the “Last Supper” about (paraphrased) ..drinking my blood and eating my flesh..?

        He did NOT mean for His followers to LITERALLY eat His flesh and drink His blood. It was a metaphor. He was referring to the Communion and how to remember Him.. (by eating leavened bread and drinking wine.)

        I will have to re-read the entire book of Deuteronomy to understand the context of that verse you referenced. I will “try” to do that this weekend. If you would, please write me back sometime next week and ask me again.. and I will “hopefully” have an accurate answer for you by then.

        – – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. Maybe the younger brother killed and ate his older brother and that’s why they can’t find him? Have they checked the younger brothers rectum yet to see if he might be hiding up there?

    Sorry…these folks are so insane you just never know!

    Inbreeding is just one way you can be sure of promoting insanity but then being a cannibal …it’s pretty well guaranteed!


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