11 comments on “Devout Muslim in Pakistan Emulates Muhammad (PBUH) by Raping a 7-Year-old Girl in Mosque

  1. Is there truly ANY redeeming value to the nation of Pakistan? It seems to be the most ignorant, vicious country utterly hostile to women and children. So much for the UN being able to validate its existence in the absence of interventions on behalf of women and children in Muslim countries. Then again, the UN, itself, has a tarnished history through the involvement of its own troops in human trafficking of women so that organization has NO credibility. Our Muslim-In-Chief, the foreign agent in the Oval Office, never seems to take a stand on the human carnage performed by Muslims – I wonder why that is? My heart and my prayers go out to this poor child and her family – I hope that she heals and I hope the family sees justice done.


  2. Hell the law will probably give the man an award, seeing as he was emulating Mahmoud. Islam is the sickest demographic in the history of the world, this lady Linda Suasuer or what ever her name is you know the Bitch from CAIR. The way this woman can encourage and even recruit for such a barbaric ideology as Islam speaks monumentally just how powerful brain washing can be. I beg the Lord, please let me be alive to see the annihilation of Islam, I want to look in the eye’s of Satan’s minions and see the surprised look in their eye’s when they realize they are the servants of the devil, oh what a glorious sight that would be. It warms my heart to know that the kingdom of the Lord is at hand and that these evil desgusting animals will burn in a lake of fire for all eturnitty. God says to forgive your fellow man but these are not men and women, they are demons in every sence of the word. Lord have mercy on your holy soldier’s in the day’s to come. Wake up world this is the end game it’s time to choose a side and I guaranty you islam is not the side of God! !!!!!


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