15 comments on “Islamic Scholar Rapes a 3-Year-old Girl in a Nigerian Mosque

  1. What’s wrong with this? Mohammed (Piss Be Upon Him) would think this was great! He would say “Go for it, man!” Sick bastards….all of them!!!! And we should not let even one more muslim into our beautiful country. They will ruin it and turn it into a sewer hole just like the one they came from.


  2. This poor child will NEVER have a normal, psychologically healthy life.
    This is EVIL to do this to an innocent baby. She was just a baby!!!


  3. Mohammed (Satan’s representation of himself on earth) and all his followers; Islamic lemmings, don’t see a problem with this.

    Unfortunately, the left doesn’t have problems with it either, making them complicit in those crimes carried out in the name of deity. Not surprising, since to be a leftist, you must first be godless as well.


  4. Poor little girl -only a baby -there are rapist’s in all cultures -but it seems to be more prevalent in the ideolgy of islam -what is wrong with them that they pray on little children -surely they have some morals ?do other musslims condemm this -filth -you never hear of them -to defile a child would be in our Western society the lowest form of betrayal and in their holy mosque-vile filthy pedophile.


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