4 comments on “Doctrines of Islam

  1. For those of the Jewish faith, Passover began April 14th; for Christians, Easter is tomorrow, April 20th. Although both religions believe in the potential for goodness in all people and both religions believe in peace. It is a simple fact that Islam, since its very inception, neither desires or seeks peace – instead, it seeks domination of the world, subjugation of all other religions and the violent death of apostates and anyone that refuses to convert to Islam. To me, Islam represents the greatest extra-national threat to the entire world and, with the production of nuclear weapons, nuclear materiel for non-fissile weaponry, biological weapons and chemical weapons, it is only a matter of time until such weaponry will be fielded by Islam. In the United States, the present leadership appears to be incapable of responding to that, or any other military threat or attack against this nation. Because the current administration is too busy waging war against its own citizens. So what nation, what international leaders are capable of stopping the advance of Islam?


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