7 comments on “Two Independent Studies in Denmark and Germany Conclude ‘..Islam Creates Monsters..’

  1. islam teaches a sociopathic type of thinking – look at the traits of a sociopath and look at some of the descriptions of what this article brings out and then add lying, saying that violent jihad is the most holy of jihads (murdering for a ‘god’), and a sense of entitlement due to us being called dirt, pigs, apes, idol worshipers, etc in the koran. And the supporters of islam fail to mention – always – that those peaceful verses were abrogated. Those verses are the verses they tell non-moslems so we won’t bother them while they grow their numbers, their demands, and their propaganda while the teach hate and intolerance in their mosques. Yes, I am saying their imams/clerics in their mosques are behind this violence. Don’t build a mosque and their symbol of conquest is gone BUT they will indeed keep up their ideology and then demand their umma (the foot soldiers) will clog our streets with the help of their clerics/imams (officers). And they will start their violence against the non-moslems in their neighborhoods to drive them out.


    • re: staffsgt7;

      Absolutely and positively correct!

      So many in the West try to view “Islam” and “Muslims” from our Western way of thinking/mentality and reasoning.

      It simply cannot be done. Not effectively, anyway.

      There are so many words in our Western languages that do not even have a corresponding word in Arabic, Farsi, URDU, etc.

      One of those words is “Rape.”

      There is no word for “Rape” in Arabic because there is no such event in the Islamic culture. Oh sure, “rape” occurs all the time in the Islamic world but it is the norm. Even the concept of “..violating ones right to be free from uninvited sexual advances..’ is a foreign concept. This is why the majority of Islamic nations do not have a criminal code for “rape.” They simply do not see that act as a crime. If 1/10th of the equivalent were to be directed towards a male, it would be a crime but since 99% of the victims of rape are female, it’s a “victimless non-crime.”

      They know it’s wrong, they just don’t care.

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. The sooner supporters of Islam are recognised as the blatant liars or ignorant appeasers or pathologically deluded people that they are, the sooner this juggernaut of societal fracture can be stopped.


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