11 comments on “Exodus From Islam: Muslims in Indonesia Initiate Fear Campaign as 2 Million Escape Islam Annually for Christianity (Video)

  1. como podra experimentar un musulman la paz del corazon y la alegria de conciencia cuando desde el coran se invita a la violencia y a la matanza de inocentes ,como podra liberarse de verguenza religiosa.Uniendote a Cristo Jesus el te da la verdadera paz y felicidad,no es occidente ,es Cristo Jesus.


  2. What a sneaky campaign! JESUS IS TRULY WORKING IN THIS WORLD! what foolishness is this video. Lies, deciet, control, evil and not to forget trapped by force in believing only in ISLAM. I tell you all JESUS IS THE WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE. ONLY THRU HIM YOU WILL ACHIEVE HAPPINESS, PEACE AND PURE LOVE! Marayam and all others who are looking for truth of God continue on the path of CHRIST !


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