8 comments on “Paris,France: Jewish Men Stabbed While Exiting Synagogue Just Hours After Brussels Attack

  1. once again history is repeating itself,right before our eyes cant you see that salvation comes via the jews or are all muslims so blind-i pray for them scales to drop off them blind eyes.


  2. too bad the Jews in Europe and the USA, or wherever they live, haven’t learned from the holocaust and start speaking up and doing something to stop sharia, the growth of laziness in the people to just sit back and accept totalitarianism in their country. All I see is the continual shows on the holocaust and what/who helped it along and I don’t see a change in the people who claim they were most affected.

    In the USA most of the mainstream medias are owned by Jews and they are very silent on the subject of things like the propaganda being taught to our kids (where are the Rabbis standing in unison yelling to the rooftops to get that crap out of our kid’s schoolbooks?), or the daily assaults against the non-moslems either via rapes, fraud, murders/honor killings/etc?

    I hear a lot of nothing from the leaders, the Jewish men and women who have the power and/or capability to bring light to this problem. I do hear people like Pamela Geller, and a few Jewish groups with no voice that is as loud as the moslem voices that infiltrate the medias, schools, politicians and even religious leaders via those propaganda sessions the Muslim Brotherhood started called ‘interfaith dialogs’. Don’t worry, I don’t pick on the Jews only because too many Christians are doing the same, darn thing – nothing or being useful idiots for islam too.


    • re: staffsgt7;

      Yes, I do know what you are referring to and it is very sad..

      It is definitely 1938 all over again today..and I suspect many of those Jews and Christians alike who are silent today will have no choice but to be silent tomorrow, since their voices will be muffled together behind that of an oven door..(or something metaphorically similiar.)

      Some will read this and think it is in bad taste, crude or disrespectful.

      That’s okay, I can live with that..because I know I speak the truth.

      And if “they” don’t soon start shouting (and shooting) form the roof-tops, they will learn tomorrow for themselves, just how prophetic these words are.

      – – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. I truly have concerns about Europe and wonder if Europeans remain the same sheeple that allowed Adolf Hitler in WWII to do what he did and now, in this later age, will allow Muslims to do the same thing… It certainly looks that way, Brussels, France, Great Britain, Scandinavia…


  4. The right is starting to rise in several countries in Europe. That’s good news but it will take time. Marie le Pen has had several victories in France. I hope Europe is not too far gone. The best thing would be to get rid of Europe and return to nationalism. No more political correctness, multiculturalism and moral relativism. same situation in the USA


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