13 comments on “Detroit,Michigan: Arab Muslim Observed Beating His Wife in a Department Store (Video)

  1. He better have been arrested. These Muslim men are savages. I still have not heard one word about this or about any abuse of women byMuslim men from our feminists.


  2. Is this the same State of Michigan that recently put local pig framers out of business

    And ordered the farmers to shoot and kill all their pigs or be arrested as a felony?

    And where’s PETA …


  3. This has happened here also a couple of times that I have witnessed! The first time …two big women stepped in and stopped the guy from kicking his wife in a burka, who was down on the ground in a fetal position. The woman told the other two ,to not stop him as he would only beat her up worse at home….
    The second time …at the same grocery store… a moslem man started slapping around his wife cuz she was walking too slow behind him…she had rickets or something as her legs seemed to be giving her trouble. Once again a woman stepped in to stop it. He was going to punch her! She called the cops on him…and told him that in Canada it is against the law to beat up on women, whether it was your wife or another female.
    Don’t know what happened after that with either of these two incidents….
    This woman in the video probably got it worse when she got home! Moslem men are told in the quran that they are allowed to do this. I’ve also seen many moslem women with bruises on their faces…trying to hide behind sunglasses their blackened eyes…..but the bruising on their cheeks and fat,split lips give away the beating they got!
    Seeing as this was in Detroit…the guy probably didn’t get arrested or even spent anytime in police custody.


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  6. Why are muslims allowed to germinate here? They are the enemy. Did 9-11, Fort Hood, Fort Dix NJ, ect… teach us nothing? Ignoring what’s going on around us will be our end.
    3,102 killed by Muslims in America in 71 terror attacks(The Religion of Peace) and 60 Terrorist Plots Since 9/11(The Heritage Foundation).


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