156 comments on “ISIS Crucifies 8 Christians in Syria for Apostasy From Islam

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  2. Jesus is worthy to be praised and give my life to the end because he is the only savior who came to the earth to forgive us and save us from all our sins. Jesus promised us to come back to take us with him. Praise God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!


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  6. Even if 75% of muslims are peaceful etc. the remaining 25% still make around 300 million radicals. That is not a minority. Thats the biggest army of evil, mislead and brainwashed prehisitorics ever faced by anyone. Since theres no talking to them (best example Israel) they leave the rest of the world no choice but to fight back. I dont discriminate Islam, although its a little stoneagy, I discriminate against blind hatred and the use of civilians as a shield. Islamic Djihad, Hamas and others have no respect for life, their own men or anything else for that matter. Any act of violence, sedition and terror anywhere in the world (Paris, London, Berlin) will just show the world the true face of these fanatics and how Islam is beeing degraded as a propaganda tool for the uneducated and lost souls of this global crisis. Its no magic power (meanig, J, Allah, Hari Crishna and the rest of the G-Gang) that should have mercy with them, its us or nobody! Wake up people!


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  8. I was born to a Christian family in the middle east – Islamic country… I know Muslims very well. On the surface, yes, majority “appear” against violence; yet ALL, without exception that I saw, would rejoice for the death of Christians and for the fall of the west. 9/11 was a prime example.. all the “peaceful” Muslims I know were celebrating the death of innocent people.. simply because they were “infidels.” True, they didn’t kill but they all condoned it deep inside. The situation in Iraq and Syria is no exception; though the moderate Muslims “aren’t doing the killing” .. the majority if not all are ecstatic to see Christians kicked our of their lands. This is reality. Islam inherently is not a peaceful religion. It teaches hatred, intolerance and violence, since inception. Yes, I was forced to study Koran and Ahadith and what have you as a Christian who had no choice.. study Koran, or be failed in other topics taught by the same instructor in the school.. yes, that’s the freedom of religion I had in a very “moderate” Islamic country..

    Here is a thought.. that many might be ok with.. let’s kick all the Christians out of the Arab world.. but in return, kick All Muslims out of all western countries.. they have their land.. Christians can have theirs, and everyone can live happily ever after, no wars, no killing and no violence… absurd I know… but one can dream!



  10. Mg arwah anak”Tuhan yg meniggal dengan siksaan oknum islam yg biadab ini diterima disisiNya dan moga hati pikiran kita yg telah menyaksikannya makin dekat padaNya. Moga damai bagi kita yg ditnggalkannya


  11. I don’t know if I can post links here, I hope I’m not overstepping my boundaries.
    But wake up! Seriously, Jesus is about to come back, and the world will only become worse until he does.

    Ezekiel 2:7
    You must give them my messages whether they listen or not. But they won’t listen, for they are completely rebellious!

    Ezekiel 2:9
    Then I looked and saw a hand reaching out to me. It held a scroll, (10) which he unrolled. And I saw that both sides were covered with funeral songs, words of sorrow, and pronouncements of doom.

    If you want to read my dream, go here:

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    • re: Jessie Larson;

      My dear sister, you may share your posts and links on this site anytime you so feel led..

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us.

      May the peace and love of our Lord thy G-d be with you and your family always..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  12. Qur’anic text is hugely ambiguous and often contradictory, allowing people to cherry- pick to back their argument. Islam has components of religious, legal, political, economics, military & art of infiltrations in other countries.2 Faced Religion (1)It work as Religion of peace only in minority or when in looser & (2) If winners, it works as cult, dominance Refer: http://islamreview.com/articles/Islam_is_not_a_religion.shtml presently looking at the world, it is hijacked by exteremists.As far as India is concerns, if all citizens think India1st, no problems whatsoever will arise. Indian Muslims are enough intelligent to understand India offers freedom, peace & prosperity & opportunities no Islamic country on the earth offers. It is only political & religious vested interest which divides all to rule sitting safe behind closed doors. If all irrespective of cast & religion become puppet, than all are looser which leads civil wars and the world will be in Stone Age instead of 21st centries.As no nuke power can rule the world no religion can rule the world. All will be fierce fighters far more dangerous than ISIS when there will be no option for survival. Nuke & ultra moderns’ weapons are available with non-Muslims nations which may be used as last options. The historic fact that Islamic gulf countries infighting with each other & funding terrorists to kill own brothers since decades but no country accepts few lakhs Gaza people as Muslim Brothers in 56 Islamic countries. Funds of billions $ are available for insurgency in Muslim countries but no charity for welfare activities even blocks of big Muslims brothers living in pitiable conditions in Asian countries World peace will benefit more to Muslims brothers instead of Jihad which may create havoc for them.
    Muslim religious & Political leaders must reforms and modernize to fit modern world of 21st century of multicultural society for world peace else it will harm more to them only. The article worth reading of well known Muslim religious leader: http://www.goharshahi.us/news/view/breaking-crucial-message-wl-terrorism/


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  16. Reading all these responses made me realise why it is great to be an atheist.

    I need not quote an ancient script, or twist words written by wise men to justify my wrong doings, or the wrong doings of others. I will not blame a God when things go wrong, or judge others for being a part of the other team.

    The greatest lesson in life does not involve how often you go to church, or pray at an altar. It has nothing to do with knowing your scripture, or part taking in cult-like behavior. It is simply to be courteous and kind to your fellow man… and don’t be a dickhead!

    We’re all in this together.


    • re: Greatest life lesson;

      You are certainly entitled to “your opinion” as we all are, but your understanding of faith in our creator is askew. You tend to over-simplify what true faith is. It is NOT about those things you listed.. but anyway..

      “I” (as a person of faith) speak in the defense of humanity, regardless of what “religion” (or lack of) is assigned to the victim. I’m NOT here to promote a faith, but rather to destroy one.. :)

      Just type “atheist” into the search box on this site and you will see what I mean. I speak in their defense often, when they are the victims of injustice or persecution. Although, I will speak against the atheist when they are the aggressor and are persecuting others for their faith.

      How often does an atheist speak out in the defense of persecuted Christians, Jews, etc?? Hmmm..

      Also, “you” cannot just throw all beliefs other than your’s into the same pile. That is stereotyping and very prejudicial..

      That is precisely what “most” atheists do. The truth is, Jews, Judeo-Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Zoroastrians are NOT persecuting atheists..


      ONLY ISLAM practices.. “Convert or be Murdered”

      ALL of those “other” faiths (Judaism, Judeo-Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, etc.) have peacefully co-existed for thousands and thousands of years..

      Yes okay.. there have been occasional disagreements and skirmishes.. but, generally speaking.. they accept and respect each other.

      Now, on to my next point.. atheists need to learn to be more tolerant to people of faith. In all honesty, 90% of the most intolerant people I have ever met are atheists. And “I” deal with Islam.. so, that should tell you something. Even with this site (against Islam) ..I am attacked and insulted more often by atheists, than Muslims.

      Why do “you” suppose that is?

      I wish “you” (and other atheists) knew just how seldom people of faith actually discuss atheists, atheism or concern themselves with the topic. Yet, atheists are so preoccupied with attacking people of faith.

      And you are correct, we are all in this together.

      I assure you of this..

      ..your children and my children will will hang side-by-side and be buried side-by-side if “we” fail to succeed at destroying Islam.

      Please don’t ever forget that..

      It may be a person of faith that saves “your” life or the lives of your children one day. And it may be an atheist that saves mine. :)

      Peace be with you.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  19. I trust ISIS will be found so that they can be sent to where a non Christians go. Kill them
    All and let God sort them


  20. I feel sick to my stomach, I am so disheartened by what I see in this world around me. May God Almighty judge these murdering beasts and send them to hell. I look forward to Jesus Christ returning and saving us.


  21. #prayerlikerain

    Muslims are not happy
    They’re not happy inGaza
    They’re not happy in Egypt
    They’re nothappy in Libya
    They’re not happy in Morocco
    They’re not happy in Iran
    They’re not happyin Iraq
    They’re not happy in Yemen
    They’renot happy in Afghanistan
    They’re not happy in Pakistan
    They’re not happy in Syria
    They’re not happy in Lebanon
    So, where are they happy? They’re happy in Australia
    They’re happy in England
    They’re happy in France
    They’re happy in Italy
    They’re happy inGermany
    They’re happy in Sweden
    They’re happy in the USA & Canada
    They’re happy in Norway & India
    They’re happy in almost every country that is not Islamic! And who do they blame? Not Islam… Not their leadership… Not themselves… THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN!! And they want to change the countries they’re happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were unhappy.

    Try to find logic in that ! JeffFox worthy on Muslims:
    1. If you refine hero in for a living, but you have a moral objection toliquor… You are a Muslim
    2. If you own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocketlauncher, but you can’t afford shoes… You are a Muslim
    3. If you have more wives than teeth… You are a Muslim
    4. If you think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide…You are a Muslim
    5. If you can’t think ofanyone you haven’t declared Jihad against…You are a Muslim
    6. If you consider televisiondangerous, but routinely carry explosives inyour clothing… You are a Muslim
    7. If youwere amazed to discover that cell phoneshave uses other than setting off roadsidebombs… You are a Muslim
    8. If you havenothing against women and think every manshould own at least four… You are a Muslim
    9.If you find this offensive or racist and don’tforward it… You are a Muslim!! ——————–
    Buddhists living with Hindus = NoProblem
    Hindus living with Christians = NoProblem
    Christians living with Shintos = NoProblem
    Shintos living with Confucians = NoProblem
    Confusians living with Baha’is = NoProblem
    Baha’is living with Jews = NoProblem
    Jews living with Atheists = NoProblem
    Atheists living with Buddhists = NoProblem
    Buddhists living with Sikhs = NoProblem
    Sikhs living with Hindus = NoProblem
    Hindus living with Baha’is = NoProblem
    Baha’is living with Christians = NoProblem
    Christians living with Jews = NoProblem
    Jews living with Buddhists = NoProblem
    Buddhists living with Shintos = NoProblem
    Shintos living with Atheists = NoProblem
    Atheists living with Confucians = NoProblem
    Confusians living with Hindus = NoProblem
    Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
    Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
    Muslims living with Christians = Problem
    Muslims living with Jews = Problem
    Muslimsliving with Sikhs = Problem
    Muslims livingwith Baha’is = Problem.
    Muslims living withShintos = Problem
    Muslims living with Atheists= Problem


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    • re: #PrayerLikeRain;

      Absolutely true and well worth the space.

      Thank you for taking the time to share this with us..

      Peace and love be with you.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  22. Sick country….absolutely disgusting, hate calling myself a human and so happy I don’t live in that country as woman are treated like dirt.Why not punish them like the rest of the world, decent at least but the people there are worse than animals


  23. My friend, just let you know what it means Islam ?.
    Islam today it’s the worst religion on earth very danger and lot of fanatics.Islam teach you how to kill your neighbor , and to blow up yourself any safe place you like ! and then you go straight to heaven … Lucky all woman are waiting for you Enjoy Islam


  24. Christians: There is a simple way to fight ISIS, given the following Bible verses:

    PROVERBS 14:34
    34 ¶ Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin [is] a reproach to any people.

    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    God is punishing the USA because we CHRISTIANS are wicked and backslidden, indulging in adultery, porn, divorce, abortion, fornication, drunkeness, hatred, lukewarmness, and homosexuality.

    God MUST punish us, rather than let his holy Word fail. But, instead of being destroyed, we can have a Christian revival instead.

    1) repent of your sins in private, ask God for help if you need it, He will
    2) Jesus said, “ask for anything in my name, and I will do it”
    3) The Holy Spirit said through the Apostle James, “But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man [is] unstable in all his ways.”
    4) pray for revival in the USA, that CHRISTIANS would quit adultery (which includes remarriage when previous spouses live) per 2 Chronicles 7:14 GOD will heal our nation when we repent. POLITICS HAVE FAILED, AND SO WILL YOUR GUNS.
    5) hold daily meetings and invite other Christians, where you gather to pray for revival, with tears, earnestness, humility, and read the Bible as the Holy Spirit moves you.

    There’s going to be a Christian revival, or we will be nuked and invaded by China/Russia/Mexico, Cuba and the Muslims, when the Tea Party distracts this nations defenses with “Civil War 2” or a “2nd American Revolution”.

    We cannot have serial adultery (remarrying when previous spouses live), abortion, homosexuality among CHRISTIANS, and expect God to not let ISIS come and kill us the 1st chance they get.


    • re: Allen Pouratian;

      You are exactly right! I have said that same thing before.

      The far majority of “Christians” pray asking G-d to bless their nations, but I ask them..

      ‘..does your nation bless G-d?..’

      Too many “Christians” sit back and pray for G-d to fix their problems.

      Instead, they should pray for G-d to give them the strength to fix their nations themselves, with His guidance.

      – – –

      You are of the chosen and the elect.


      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  25. 9Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. 10And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. 13But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. 14And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. Matthew 24:9-14


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  27. God is love and see everything that he created was good. There is now Christian and Islam at the beginning of time. Why Killing our own brother and blood? We are falling thing apart.


    • re: vinso;

      Assalam alaikum.

      While I agree with the “overall” sentiment of your comment, which is very nice and appreciated..

      Islam has not been with us since the beginning of time. Islam was the creation of a madman. There was no Islam or Muslims prior to 570AD. Those “arabs” which became Muslims were primarily Pagan worshipers of ‘al il’al’ (the pagan moon-god) prior to the advent of Islam.

      The “Christian” and the “Muslim” are NOT brothers. Yes, they are fellow human beings, but of no spiritual “brotherhood.”

      One is of good, righteousness and the light. The other is of evil, self-righteousness and the darkness. The two cannot commune in existance without one giving way to the other, no more than evil and good can coexist.

      Remember, it is the Muslim “only” that is murdering the Christians. The Christians are NOT murdering Muslims. Nor are those of any other religion murdering Christians or any other religion.

      The Muslims and only the Muslims MUST make up their mind to end this bloodshed. Only then, will there be some resemblance of peace.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment.

      Peace be with you and your family.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  30. Be strong,Christians in the midle-east. For the salvation of your souls is what counts.The Lord is ur strenght.


  31. USA Now Headless !

    Obama seems to think we’re on the cutting edge of history. Does he have in mind the predicted beheadings (Rev. 20:4) that are increasing? Obama may feel he’d never be targeted by ISIS. But isn’t he afraid they’ll soon conclude he doesn’t have a good head on his shoulders? (For more on you-know-who, Google “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)


  32. I would like to ask why the dead individual in the blue shirt has been photoshopped to look like his arm is completely tied to the post in the bottom photo? It is clear from the first (top) photo that his arm is originally hanging with his other arm tied up. Looking closely at the second (bottom) photo, you can see that his arm has been altered to “appear” fully crucified. Is this something that your website did? If so, why? It is clear that they have all been murdered. If you did not do this then I can see it being beyond your control, if you….then the credibility of your website is jeopordized. As a human being I am apalled at the acts carried out by ISIS, as a citizen of a free Democratic society, I am offended that people altar images to provoke false responses.


    • re: Marie;

      I believe you are “thinking” in the wrong terms.

      You are looking at the photos from (Top to Bottom) and thinking in terms of chronological order.

      I’m sure the bottom picture was taken FIRST with both arms still tied and then, one arm fell out prior to the second photo (top) being taken.

      These are ‘actual’ photos and in no way have they been altered.

      If it makes you feel better…I will reverse the order of the pictures. :)

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  33. Hell, I’d renounce anything and say anything to avoid an anonymous death like this, especially when the world just ignores the horror and goes about their business.


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  35. Look I am sick and tired of this evil, why is the west sitting alley by and let this happen is their not a just cause to wipe out isis,also so to solve the miragration problem, wipe out isis and send them all back home yea!


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