16 comments on “ISIS Leader Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Makes First Public Appearance and Calls on ‘..All Muslims to Wage Holy War Worldwide..’ (Video)

    • re: Futuret;

      First, the American people threw away their chance at freedom when they sat at home on their lazy asses instead of going to Washington D.C. for the American Spring event in May of this year. It was well organized and well advertised by Col. Riley of the United States Military, a highly decorated officer and war veteran. Also, many other military personnel and TRUE PATRIOTS worked long and hard to organize the event that was “supposed” to be the precursor to a US revolution to overthrow the Obama admin. and reestablish a new constitutional government.

      How many Americans showed up?

      About a thousand.

      1,000 people out of 300 MILLION. That is f’kn disgusting and EVERY American should be truly ashamed of themselves.

      I’m personally “done” with any attempt to make a difference, in that respect.

      99% of Americans are good at ‘..talking the talk..’ but when it comes time to ‘..walk the walk..’ they are AWOL.

      Screw ’em.

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Yes, american people don’t really care. We here do care and protest and get together for important issues in my country but i don’t see americans do it though there are so many americans. Just give themr iphones, and tv and they will be happy. Sad but true.


      • re: Ana;

        Absolutely. Many of them are happy and content, sitting in their ‘lazy-boy’ recliner (aptly named) ..sipping on a beer and watching their nation circle the bowl..

        I see hundreds of thousands of Americans on social media..Facebook, for example.. posting about ‘..how terrible Obama is..the tyranny he subjects America to..’ How their rights are being stolen away..yada, yada, yada…

        Post after post after post…

        But just “try” to get them to carry that dissent and discourse into the streets..and it’s like prying a porkchop from a pitbull.

        They just wanna’ bitch, and gripe and complain..but they don’t want to “DO” anything about it.

        Posting posts on Facebook is NOT fighting for your country. I think they have this false sense of actually “doing” something when in fact, they are doing nothing. They are just “TALKING” about doing something.

        I saw this guy with an ‘I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS’ bumper sticker on the back of his car.. and after seeing many, I decided to ask this guy..

        ‘..What exactly do you do to support our troops..?’

        He replied; ‘..uh..er.. well, I have the sticker on my car..and a flag at my house..’

        UGH. Are you F’n serious??

        Americans have been lulled to sleep and succumb to ignorance, laziness and complacency. A false sense of security and a false sense of actually doing something about it.

        My friends in Egypt are utterly shocked. They said.. ‘..what on earth is wrong with the American people..?’ ‘..We went in the streets TWICE to fight for a new government.. and Obama is destroying America..and the American people won’t do anything..’

        Ana, America will be a Muslim country. America will be under sharia law. That’s a FACT! I guarantee it..

        Not because Islam and Muslims are so strong..

        ..but because Americans are so weak in resolve

        They choose to be.

        That is precisely why “I” have a contingency plan.

        If I sound a little cynical.. I’m sorry..but, I believe I am accurate and speak the truth.

        – – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • True. Just posting things online amounts to nothing but getting together and actually doing something to help the situation means the change is wanted. Thankfully here we managed to get a liberal prime minister fired because of all the outrage he got over his policies.This is what Americans need to start doing God willingly !


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