9 comments on “5-Year-old Afghan Boy Dies After Being Gang-Raped by Muslim Youth

  1. this and anal jhad proves muslims are gay and use the hate and killings of gays as ploy so know one knows their really gay… (anal jihad = okay to fuck each other in time of war when they are away from their wives.)..Being that they’re always at war mean they are gay…


    • I do not for the life of me know where that phrase or idea comes from…..perhaps you should run this phrase and idea by our caliph and ISIS. I am sure they will be most happy to educate you on how muslim’s truly regard anal intercourse, and homosexuality.


      • re: AminaServantofAllah;

        It’s a quite well know fact that the majority of Muslim men are queer. Many are also bi-sexual. (Which also means queer.) There is no such thing as being ‘..part-time gay..’ You either are or you are not. I see hundreds of stories weekly of married Muslim men having sex with little boys and men..and hiding it from their wife (or) wives. I just refuse to put such filth on my site.

        Islam itself, is repulsive enough and beyond a plethora of filth. If I reported just a 1/10th of the stories, my site would quickly become the ‘..Muhammadan Butt-Pirate Unveiled..’ site.


        – – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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