12 comments on “The Desperate Dream of the Islamic Khilafah

  1. Well I think this is just another load of Taqiyya cobblers. Oh yeh blame sharia on the bedouins. Pull the other one. Israel? And what (state) might that be before Israel?. Palestine is an historical fraud. Get rid of Islam. Then you might solve most of the problems.


  2. The way out to this Arab problem is the old ancient tradition of non-Arab Islam of non-Arab Asia (ie the grand old and the most authentic tradition of Hindu Islam) which is the Real Islam vis-a-vis Arab Islam which is an Arab brand or variant of Islam. The AfPak is the place where this ancient tradition of Old Islam(ie Hindu islam) was born. It is non-Arab/non-Koranic/non-Mohammedan tradition of Islam.Its language is Sanskrit-the old classical language of the East.
    This Hindu Islam which is the real/truest/most authentic form of Islam is extremely tolerant/non-violent/non-Jihadi/non-supremacist/and not anti-West at all. This Islam exists in full harmony and peace with West and its fundamental values.
    Hindu Islam can never indulge in anything like 9/11. Study and further research into this old stream of India’s Hindu Islam is necessary.
    Pakistan has been a product of terrorism and the source of all the problems world is facing today. If Pakistan were not there, 9/11 would never have happened.
    Hindu Islam is the answer to these problems posed by terrorism and radicalism born of Arab Islam.


    • re: S R Wakankar;

      I have studied Islam for 22 years and I have never heard of this “Hindu-Islam” you speak of.

      A “..non-Mohammadan Islam..?’

      How is this even possible when “ALL” followers of Islam regard Muhammad as the prophet that received the revelation of Islam from allah via the angel Gabriel?

      Sounds like a lame attempt to organize and facilitate a “Hindu-Islamic” Interfaith alliances thru a sanitized, fabricated “re-writing” of history.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  4. I like lenghtly articles like these and very artistic photo i must say. I agree with this though even i have arab family members, hopefully the dream of caliphate never gets to live for long!!


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