11 comments on “Who Are the Yazidis?

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    • re: B/b;

      You are welcome. And thank you.

      Actually, I was learning right along with you, which is often the case. It appears the Yazidis are an ‘..interfaith religion..’ unto themselves. I believe they are somehow related to the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam, although I have not had time to research this yet.

      Regardless, the Yazidi are a peaceful people that just keep to themselves and hurt no one.

      May the blessings of our one Lord thy G-d be with them and keep them safe and secure.



      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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      • If they are peaceful and don’t want to convert anyone to their beliefs….then I have no problem with their interfaith religion….. Yes, may God Bless them and keep them safe!

        Let us know what your research reveals when you find the answer please! 🙂


  3. Never heard of them, but i would help them if i could.I feel sorry for them and i hope that God will protect them regardless of them being unbelievers in Lord. It’s sad because they seem peaceful people and they are not tyrants who want to convert others to their religion. ISIS soldiers are lunatics and criminals.

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