11 comments on “ISIS Beheads American Journalist James Foley in Syria

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  2. He isn’t the first journalist that moslems have beheaded. Ironically, they still don’t tell the truth about islam very often even after knowing that the moslems have no care for them either due to them being non-moslems, and not of the same sect of islam that the biggest thugs on the block are. With Daniel Pearl, it was a Sufi moslem and with this guy it is an ISIS – Sunni – and who knows what sect of sunni his murderers are. (yeah, those Sufi like to tell you that sufi means peace. It does not but they do wage jihad more by the word, or deception, and are quite often the face of the Muslim Brotherhood in Interfaith Dialogs, etc).


  3. If that is something islam supports then there should be an all out world war against itThe ISIS Caliphate is a goal of Moslums seeking to glorify their false idolatrous pride politically. They falsely love themselves and covet America’s influence and power and seek only to glorify themselves in the false light of mortal power, because they are insecure as only a minority religion, and want to enforce bias in their favor to have the most ill gained authority. ISIS will eventually have to fail, falling on their own ugly and bloody swords since they are outnumbered 5 to 1 by superior religions all of which have morals which they do not have. ISIS’ dedication to evil and these perverse unholy actions, will work against them into eternity. Ultimately though I used to think we should not resort to cruel and unusual punishment, I now pause and consider we should expand Guantanamo to hold perhaps at least 100,000 more terrorists and expand our torture program until they are praying to let them convert to Christianity, or to be killed, but make them renounce Islam and their idolatrous and false god then put it on Youtube. I believe in multiple times vengeance in this rare case where a satanic executioner hiding in a black hood of cowardly shame kills a good and brave man who did nothing but good things in his life. Make them eat their own you know what and die at least a 1000 deaths. At least that is how I feel. Other than that I am a very nice well educated, straight, law abiding and moral person, a good citizen. I hope We escalate our war against ISIS to end their sinful Caliphate dreams once and for all! permanent! For all generations to come. .


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