4 comments on “Seattle,Wa.US: Muslim Sex Offender Suspected in 3 Murders

  1. A poster boy for radical Islam (is that redundant?), to which he became attached in prison, I’d speculate, and which allegedly is the religion of peace and hetero-sexuality, this insult to the human race murders a bunch of people, on both coasts, and hangs out in gay bars. What’s wrong with this picture? Actually, it’s just another day in the Moslem neighborhood for a devout Muhammadan. I hope he speaks Arabic, because I know one word, in Arabic, which describes him perfectly: MANIAC. It means something different from the English word of the same pronunciation.


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  3. just fabulous that tax payers pay for sociopaths to do jail time and convert to Islam while behind bars. It should be made illegal to preach islam to imprisoned psychologically unstable men (and women.)


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