8 comments on “The Noble Teachings of Islam

  1. ‘Noble’ ‘holy’ and all the ‘pbuh’ made me think you got hacked! Then I started reading and realized what was going on. When I realized what the koran and hadith were telling me more than not, I cannot associate those words with the koran and sunnah. Sorry but there is nothing noble or holy about it unless I spell it ‘hole-y’ and make sure that the ‘p’ is substituted with another word such as puke or worse.


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  3. I realize the need for Americans to understand the enemy. I imagine that it is important for the American warrior to realize that he/she is no longer fighting a war for oil. Jihadists are not fighting a war for oil. James Foley was not covering a war for oil, he was covering ‘religious conflict’ between ‘muslims’, and one which the winner, ISIS, is also killing all the minorities, such as the christians.
    When Jihad has come to America and the ‘authorities here’ can no longer keep it quiet then the American will know that he/she is no longer fighting a war for oil. At that point there will be calls for surrender by the uninformed public due to hysteria and cowardice, but the American will still no longer be fighting a war for oil. Surrender will not assure anyone of anything except death.

    What Americans are afraid of is fighting a war for “God”, because the “God” that most Americans say they believe in is the “God” they have abandoned by their consistent rebellion and following after false teachers.

    America. I know America is strong but how much of that strength is grounded in their ‘faith’ is something that is about to be found out. The test is hard I know. But the ‘way’ has been forgotten and now comes the ‘rock’…You remember the saying…either throw yourself upon the rock and you shall be broken into pieces, or the rock will fall upon you and you shall be ground into powder…either way you will know the ‘rock’…Either volunteer yourself to know the real ‘God’ or else He will force you to accept His existence, because He is intent upon you knowing He exists…You do not know this as you are using the symbols of other gods and this is due to your not knowing the real ‘god’…Believe me, this whole thing is about ‘knowing God’…This is not a drill. The modern Christian pastor and all the so called ‘divinity schools’ have been infiltrated by false doctrine and fantasy….

    A good example (I think) of what I am driving at here is this: When Yellowstone burned several years ago many people were alarmed and tried to stop the forest from burning. Many many homes and structures were lost. After the fire finally drew down and was extinguished it was noted that though many of the stalwart trees were burned they would survive and what really got wiped out was the massive undergrowth. The rejuvenation of the forest was remarkable after the undergrowth was removed by the fire…..

    Well, I know this is not much help but space and time and the short attention span of others have pretty much beaten the tar out of me so I’m about to sign off… I think when the American truly understands what YHVH has said in Zechariah 10:3 -6….I would tell you what it means but then I would be robbing you as well…With YHVH, what we choose not to realize or know in peacetime, we are forced to know about in war, or some test we really did not have to go through….


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