7 comments on “St. Anthony,Minnesota: City Votes to Reject an Islamic Center and the Federal Gov’t Sues to Allow it

    • Dead right there Mate, quicker that happens the better. Can’t people see what is happening everywhere? Islam is brainwashing the stupid into believing that they are superior to everyone else, sooner that ridiculous idea is squashed the happier we all will be.


  1. The federal government’s action is unconscionable and a denial of rights for the People of St. Anthony! This is a topic that should be carried by EVERY news organization in the United States. It is a further example of the Obama war against Christianity, begun when Obama cancelled a National Day of Prayer breakfast – and then invited MUSLIMS into OUR White House. I am forwarding this article to Fox News but don’t know if they will have the courage to discuss it…


  2. Sadly Jacksonville Fl City Council would rather have many islamists and many of their muslim training centers than a safe city for their non-muslim citizens and visitors.


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