16 comments on “The Global Slave Trade is a Thriving Industry in 2014

  1. Your only motive is to showcase Islam and Muslims were terrorists and beast, but ur aim and motive will never become live.


    • re: zahirbukhari2014;

      Assalam alaikum.

      Let’s say that you are correct in that our ‘..only motive is to showcase Islam and Muslims were terrorists and beasts..’

      “If” we were to present the evidence before a judge and jury, in a court of law, would we possess the evidence to convict?

      I believe we would.

      The truth is, our “primary” objective is to highlight the plight of the persecuted in this world. The fact that it is the Muslims committing these atrocities of persecution is only “secondary” to us.

      If it were the Buddhists, the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Jainists, the Zoroastrians, the Jews, the Christians or any other “religion” murdering, raping and enslaving the innocent around the globe..we would be telling the same stories. We would be highlighting the same cases of persecution and accurately attributing the crimes to the perpetrators.

      But here is the reality Zahir..

      It’s “ONLY” the Muslims committing these horrific crimes. And I think you know that.

      If “you” want to see these stories end..then help us stop the stories from occurring. Don’t place contempt on the messenger, but rather hold the perpetrators of the crimes in contempt.

      Peace be with you…

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Ha ha ha, it’s so funny . If somebody or some groups did something wrong and they were nonmuslim means than the whole scoldings & commands goes to the particular person or group but if the person or group were muslims means. then the commands and scoldings falls on Islam.why double standard ask urself b4 posting something


      • re: zahirbukhari2014;

        No, that is untrue.

        I know for a fact that there are good Muslim people. I would even guess that “you” are one of them.

        The stories we report are meant to inform the public as to the specific victims and perpetrators mentioned in those stories.

        Not a broad generalization to condemn ‘..all Muslims..’

        I am not ignorant. I know there are MANY more Muslims that do NOT do these things, than do.

        Unfortunately, too many of those “good Muslims” remain silent and fail to condemn the actions of the minority.

        Silence = Complicity

        If “I” knew the truth..but “I” failed to inform others..then, even “I” would be complicit in the crimes.

        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • I don’t suppose that you read what was in this article….but did you notice that also China and Russia were on the list of countries that have slaves? So how exactly do you get “Your only motive is to showcase Islam and Muslims were terrorists and beast…” BTW….Islam and muslims ARE ( not were!) terrorists and beasts when it comes to treating others with respect and decency.

      When did Russia and China become muslim countries? OR are you saying that only muslims in those two countries are the slave keepers??

      Until you start speaking out against such acts such as terrorism, child marriage, Female Genital mutilation, sex slavery, then you will branded as one who doesn’t see anything wrong with these practices of Islam and if you are offended by being cast as a terrorist or beast….then you better start speaking out against them.


  2. lol, and are you not a corporate slave? – If you pay taxes, own a passport, driver license, 40k1, Insurance number, etc, it means you are a slave too – just an upgraded version, called a house negro.


    • re: goaloflifeadmin;

      Yes, I am well aware that we are all “corporate slaves.” Essentially from birth..

      I have even stated many times in the past..

      ‘..slavery has never truly been abolished but rather, they renamed it “employment”..’

      But that aside, there is a difference between “us” choosing to be a participant in the ‘..corporate slavery establishment..’ and some terrorist organization taking your village hostage and forcing you to have sex against your will, to avoid being murdered.

      I think you’d agree..(or at least I would hope so.)

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. The term “Barbary Pirates” comes from the days over a millennia ago when muslim “Berbers” used to raid the Barbary coast and the coastlines of European countries and the British Isles looking for the much-prized blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryans to capture, trade and ENSLAVE. MUSLIMS ARE , and always have been, the biggest slavers in history. Like all the faulty ideologies in their so-called “religion” , they actually believe that it is acceptable to “own” human beings.
    Historians know that in Britain whole coast villages were simply “disappeared” by the raids perpetrated by these muslim savages………. NOT ONE resident left behind.

    There is NEVER any excuse for one people to enslave another, but I am always at a loss to understand how so many American negroes can be converts to (p)islam. Do they not have enough historical perspective to understand that it was MUSLIM SLAVERS from North Africa that SOLD MOST OF THEIR ANCESTORS INTO SLAVERY??? Exactly WHERE do they think the colonizing countries in the US came up with all those black folks???? (I am not for a second suggesting that this excuses the horrific slaving practices carried out in the United States, but I think that this “inconvenient truth” is either misunderstood or ignored. )

    The light of TRUTH will always show the ugly cruelty of muslims and islam.


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  5. I often think, after reading reports such as these, that the last century or so of colonialisation of Africa was a golden era, a moratorium on the worst aspects of African/Islamic ‘culture’.


    • Interesting point of view, if I’m understanding you correctly you’re saying that the worst aspects of those cultures were suppressed by European colonialism and have now returned with a vengeance. Under colonialism, Africa’s population more than doubled due to improved farming and medical care. I don’t know about the ME, but I bet there’s a similar situation there also.


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