18 comments on “ISIS and the Head (Video)

    • re: F/j;

      Honouring the dead?

      C’mon, we’re talking about Muslims here…

      There is no word for ‘honour’ in the Arabic language. Only their sick, twisted and demented version of the word, when it comes to murdering one’s daughter or wife for being raped..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  2. It won’t be so ‘entertaining’ when they’re burning in Hell with their vindictive Arabic pagan moon-goddess ‘Allat’.


  3. the men in ISIS are absolutely demonic ! they have to be demons. No human being could kill the way they do, even innocent children. what I am furious about is our President does nothing ! he looks the other way, always making excuses. I believe he is a Muslim, was put into office to destroy America, by who I don’t know. He was a plant, I don’t think this is so far fetched. Why is he not impeached, I don’t know. He was hired to do a job, he cant or wont do it, he should be fired. I am 75 years old, and all I can say is, God help us all.


    • re: jones;

      In 2007, then “Senator” Obama (D) Il. was given $38 Billion as a cash payout by the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. The account was opened by the Saudi family and the money was placed in there by them for Barack Hussein Obama. This was NOT a campaign contribution, but rather a ‘personal’ payment prior to the establishment of his campaign for president.

      I am not at liberty to state where this information was derived from, but I can tell you that it’s accurate and from a 100% reliable source. A foreign intelligence service.

      Obama is actually a “Wahabbi Muslim.” His loyalty is to the Crown Prince of the Royal Saudi Family and the 57-Member State – ‘Organization of Islamic Cooperation.” (OIC).

      Yes, he was ushered in (twice).. not elected by the will of the people.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Thank you for the reply. This has been on my mind for a long time. why isn’t this out in the open. why are people so stupid they cant see this with their own eyes, I believe my beloved America is on her knees now, and it wont be long before all we stand for will be gone.


      • re: Jones;

        You are very welcome. And thank you for the initial comment and the reply. 🙂

        I agree with you completely. Personally, I believe America ‘as we knew it’ is already gone. And unfortunately, there is no turning back. The Muslims are too deeply entrenched in the United States now. Not so much from the perspective of relative population but their depth of infiltration into the government, at all levels. This was one of Obama’s primary objectives as an “ushered in” President: To transform America from a Judeo-Christian Republic into an Islamic State. He is successfully accomplishing this goal. Another one of his objectives is to weaken the Nation of Israel and eventually turn the land over to the Islamic State.

        The reason people cannot ‘..see this with their own eyes..’ is because they are ‘spiritually blind.’ The hearts of the people have been seared and have grown cold. I see people write posts and I hear them pray ‘..God Bless Our Nation..’ but they are lost and misguided.

        I ask those people.. ‘..Does Our Nation Bless God?..’

        The resounding answer is an emphatic “NO!” Our nation most certainly does NOT bless God, but rather they curse Him.

        He sends us His most precious creations every day in the form of babies in the womb. And EVERY DAY “WE” murder 5,000 of them and send them back to Him.

        “WE” not only condone homosexuality but “WE” make laws legalizing it.

        “WE” destroy the institution of marriage that God created for His people. The sanctimonious uniting together of two of His children into ONE person, in Him. “WE” degrade that very institution that He created by permitting homosexuals to marry, legally. Essentially, “WE” slap Him in the face and say: ‘..Your Laws/Commandments do not matter to us..’

        “WE” have taken “God” out of the schools, out of the courts, out of the public square, out of the workplace, out of the homes…and more often than not, out of the churches.. and “WE” have created a vacuum that has been filled with evil.

        And “WE” have the audacity to ask God to.. ‘..Bless Our Nation?..’

        God blesses those who FIRST bless Him. (Not the other way around.)

        There is a path back for Our Nation. And this is the “ONLY” path back. This is the “ONLY” chance we have:

        “IF” ALL of the people bow down on their knees to Him, repent of our sins as a nation and begin to follow Him, as a nation..

        Do you see that as being a “likely” reality?

        I do not.

        “WE” planted the seeds of sin against God many years ago..and only now are “WE” just beginning to harvest the fruits of those sins.

        I believe we are only in the beginning of the beginning..when it comes to tribulation and persecution in America.

        Some of the visions I’ve had of America in the near future make ISIS’ look civil..

        Oh yeah, and why did I say “WE” so much above?

        Because it is “WE” that are guilty of “ALL” of those sins.

        “WE” as a nation, “WE” the people..

        If “WE” are NOT diligently and actively fighting AGAINST those sins in America, then “WE” are fighting FOR them.

        There is NO neutral.. there is NO middle ground…

        – – –

        Our Lord thy G-d will NOT be mocked!

        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  5. “What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you cross land and sea to make one convert, and then you turn that person into twice the child of hell you yourselves are! – Jesus


  6. Because the sharia forbids non-moslems from being in the military – that dead guy was probably a moslem too. He would have done it if he won. I don’t really have too much pity here. It is basically one thug moslem group after another thug moslem group. AND the biggest thug(s) win because even their koran says only one sect in islam is true – or will win.


    • As our Prime Minister Abbott memorably said a few months ago, when asked his position about the Syrian Al-Nusra Front attacking Assad, “it’s one group of baddies fighting another group of baddies.”
      How true!


      • re: F/j;

        I would have to disagree with your contention based on historical facts.

        Assad is a “moderate” Shia Muslim. His administration is a secular one. Syria [was] comprised of a substantial percentage of Christians, Jews and other religious minorities.

        Why do I say “was?”

        Because minorities are almost non-existent in Syria now. And why is that? Did “Assad” round up the Christians and slaughter them?

        No, to the contrary. Muslims & Christians lived side by side under Assad and his dad who preceded him in office. And Assad made sure of this. But neither the Christians nor any of the various sects of Muslims had anything to fear under Assad. The Christians and Muslims have lived together, worked together, etc. in Syria for 2,000 years.

        So let’s be honest and accurate here…

        The true “terrorists” are:

        1. The current admin. of the US government.

        a. For creating the Syrian War under the false pretense of Assad being a ‘..bad guy..’ when the true catalyst was the construction of the Qatari Natural Gas Pipeline. Assad rejected the pipeline.

        b. For supplying the FSA Rebels, al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra, etc, etc, etc, with weapons to slaughter the Christians & shia Muslims.

        c. For illegally funding the above named terrorist groups with US taxpayer dollars, against the will of the people.

        2. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, Britain, France and others…

        a. For doing the same things the US did.

        Think about this..the Western narrative is: ‘..Assad is a bad guy who kills Syrian people so “we” must get rid of him..’

        And how do “we” do that?

        By murdering more than 100,000 Syrian men, women & children. (mostly women & children.)

        Why would we fund and supply weapons to murder Syrians when we are claiming that we are trying to remove someone for murdering Syrians????


        It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with ‘..Syrian lives..’ and it has ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to do with “BILLIONS & BILLIONS of PETROL DOLLARS” that could be flowing thru the Qatari Natural Gas Pipeline..were it not for Assad standing in the way.

        Now, who are the “real” bad guys?

        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Yes, you certainly have a point, several in fact. I’d rather Assad was allowed to remain in power. Many of our current problems in the M/E would never even have started.


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