34 comments on “ISIS Seizes Armed Russian Jets in Syria and Issues Threat to Vladimir Putin: ‘..We are on Our Way to Attack..’ (Video)

    • That is an awesome aircraft. I wonder if its technology is ahead of our latest fighter technology? In Korea, the MIG 15 was immediately superior to our F-86 Sabrejet. It is a horrific shame that Putin’s intelligence on ISIS was superior to ours? Apparently, ISIS moles have infiltrated the permissiveness of everything in America. Moreover, how can a psychiatrist mole rise to the rank of Major without becoming a suspect by his fitness rating superior officers??


      • Russia and Israel share information from their Intelligence agencies…. that is why Russia had more information on ISIS than the USA.


  1. A friend of mine went to Iran after we returned from Vietnam; he was tasked to teach the Shah’s pilots to fly. He returned disgusted after one year and said it was impossible to teach these primitive camel shaggers anything. I think all mus are capable of is cutting off some poor unarmed person’s head. I believe they are cowardly backwards losers and pose no threat to Russia.

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    • your friend is rather ignorant even after a year of being in Iran for making such a stupid comment. Saudi Arabia is known for having camels not Iran. Arabs ride camels, Persians ride chariots and horses (back in the day). your friend I am assuming is from mid west if at best a small town. I guess he is married to his first cousin or sister? I hope my attempt to be as ignorant helped paint the picture. PS go read a book or you can just continue to drink bear and watch football 😉


      • Aryan….

        Wanna tell us now how one drinks bear? LOL!

        I guess you just proved that you are pretty ignorant. Don’t understand what bee got in your bonnet with Lt. Roger Wilco’s comment…..unless of course you just happen to not be an Aryan but an Iranian.

        Take a chill pill! The rest of us understood what he meant.


  2. If these morons are like the sowdies in the 6-Day War, or even now where they buy jets without anyone knowing how to operate them – they are in more danger than we are.

    Education is not a valued thing in islam although some highly educated men have become violent jihadists. And wealthy ones too. Look at the wealth of bin Laden and the education of his #2 in charge – Zawahiri.

    BTW, in the 6 Day War – it was Russians who were flying their jets.

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  3. What a stupid bunch of people! They think they’ll be able to get into Russian territory with just a few planes?

    Even if the 50,000 from Syria and the 30,000 fighters from Iraq decided they were going to go to Russia to get even with Putin for his assistance to Syria and his obvious disdain for Islamic terrorists…. they would be greatly outnumbered by the Russian military.

    There are 3,796,100 total troops in the Russian military, 1,037,000 of which are active. …..as of 2012. I’m sure that there are even more now since the chaos of Ukraine with even more than can be called up in the Reserves.

    Russia could end the Islamic agenda once and for all in Chechnya. The Russian people don’t forget what happened in Beslan and there will never be any forgiveness for it either!

    Guess these Islamic idiots have never heard the saying….. ” Do NOT wake up a sleeping Bear unless you want to be his lunch”


  4. They are totally retarded people, they live with anger against christian, don’t even have even a little ethics..cant even move on what happened to them 300 years ago.


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  6. I would like US and his allies to sit back and sip some punch (or take ’em) while watching Russia eradicate ISIS. If else available, they can provide satellite and drone cam, so we can all watch with glee. I live in a maximum moslem population, and even the most radicals of these moslems; the church-burning-mobs, condemned ISIS openly.

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    • re: denis morgan;

      I completely understand. I also wish President Putin was the Commander in Chief here in the states.

      There are many of us Americans that have a lot of respect for Pres. Vladimir Putin and NO RESPECT for that POS (Piece of Sh*t) Obama.

      We pray Putin had the audacity to “free us” from the bondage of Obama’s tyranny.

      By ANY means necessary…

      Vladimir Putin would be our hero!

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  7. this bunch of ‘village people” even dont know how to start this MIG21 – good luck with this without qualified technician support. before this plane reach russia it have to bypas syrian airdefence, turkish airdefence, gorgian airdefence.. and have enough fuel.. this message is IS joke.. they have sick sence of humor.


  8. So, the editors note said that President Obama (Along with others) actually helped give rise to ISIS in Syria, whilst at the same time removing the resistance in Iraq (the U.S. troops) thus paving the way for ISIS to take over Iraq, all the while blaming President Bush, after getting Swatted in the ass by President Putin in front of the entire world over Syria. Then, of course while Putin is taking back Crimea and the Ukraine, Obama tries Sanctioning Russia, who then gets threatened by ISIS, who was created with help from Obama……..


  9. Speaking as an Israeli (who used to be an American) I would like to remind these guys of what went down in Lebanon during the civil war. A couple of Russian (USSR at the time) diplomats were kidnapped with the usual demands for ransoms, guns, etc. A few days later relatives of the kidnappers got delivered missing a few body parts…I’m sure you can imagine which ones.

    The kidnapped guys got released real fast…message delivered, “don’t f@ck with us, with regards, the KGB”.

    Sometimes I regret that we in Israel hold ourselves to a higher standard. Because we could play this game by their rules. Of course if Israel did this, what a sh$t rain from the UN and Europe would fall on us.

    I don’t know…part of the price of being a ‘Chosen People’ and a ‘Light unto the Nations’ seems to be that we have to go way out of our way, and risk the lives of our own, and get sh$t on for doing our best to live up to some impossible standard that no one else is asked to even try for. Well, what the h#ll, we signed up for it at Sinai, and its way too late to change.

    But, damn, it is sooo tempting to think about doing a Grozny/Hamburg/Falujah on Gaza some days.

    I mean, they whine on about genocide and apartheid when any person with half a brain cell to spare could easily see what a farce their claims are…

    Ah, well, please, dear Islamists, go pull the bears tail. See what it gets you.

    I’ll go make popcorn and wait for the YouTube videos.

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    • re: jonbenjon;

      I love that KGB story…

      I completely agree with your contention. Furthermore, I contemplate the same thoughts myself.

      Israel is the most blessed and holy land on earth and the children of HaShem are most definitely the chosen fruit of the One Lord thy G-d of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. As in all things..there is only one truth.

      Those of the world live by no standards, no morals and no faith. Who among us could not fabricate a law for ourselves to live by and then, simply adjust it accordingly as the situation required? The world can ‘adjust’ their beliefs to fit the situation because their moral compass lacks a true north.

      “WE” live not by a law that “we created” for ourselves but rather, a Law that was created for us.

      That’s what sets “us” apart from the world.

      Shabbat Shalom, my brother..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  11. Reblogged this on BIRONGATION and commented:
    ISIS who think that by beheading two defenceless journalists and publicizing those nasty graphics then they are scaring the World. People who abduct pilots and force them to teach them how to fly and operate fighter jets – no wonder Jihadists are even a danger to themselves! How can less than 100000 soldiers attack the wounded bear that is Russia which has 3796100 troops with 1.2 million active currently in its borderlines. Yet ISIS is issuing a warning to the Phillistine armed-feast KGB-styled Putin. I smell annihilation. No wonder Cameron recently equated Putin to a neo-Hitler.


    • Russia has the standing army of 3,796,100 but the reserves number is closer to 22-24 million that she can call into action. Russia send soldiers home with their weapons….. allowing them to still take target practice with free ammo on any military base……

      The bear hasn’t been wounded…. she’s just really pissed off right now!

      I wouldn’t put much stock in what the eejit Cameron says about anything! He’s just about as clueless as Obama!

      This BS about Putin wanting to take over Ukraine is nonsense! He doesn’t want to have to foot the bill for health care for all the people who are still getting cancer from Chernobyl. Ukraine no longer has their gold reserves….Obama stole all that when he put his grubby little fingers into Ukraine business.

      Russia and Israel are working together ….. sharing information on Intelligence, technology, food….
      So…Putin isn’t a neo-hitler in any sense of the word…. He is not anit-semitic. He has the largest piece of real estate as it stands now in the world and he’s needing to make sure that all his people are working and doing well…. taking over another country just wouldn’t be in his best interests.

      As for ISIS threatening Putin…. well… they aren’t the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree! I hope they try it…. we won’t have to worry about them afterwards!


  12. la la la la la…… oh look, the kids want us to think they have a great new toy! well shiver me timbers ahhhhh gug gug gug gug gug…. where oh where did they learn HOW TO FLY IT? OH WAIT… they didn’t, this is a propaganda video… kinda like sitting in front of the prop to get a picture at universal studios so that everyone will think you were actually there… oh my, what to do what to do… do I believe and be scared? or do I sit back and invite these idiots to bring forth their so called BS assault so that when they do come with their card board machine guns I can bitch slap them with every ounce of strength my pork rind bearing left arm will give to them in welcome?!


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  17. ISIS would hardly have the pilots or technical support to fly them, each aircraft would need around 20 ground crew just to get them in the air, and even if they did, vastly superior Russian pilots would shoot them down before they even got off the ground, Russians don’t seem to bother about political correctness, Putin seems quite a ballsy guy, i wouldn’t want to mess with him ! Watch who yo annoy ISIS, the world is gathering against you !


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