10 comments on “King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Issues Warning ‘..ISIS Will be in Europe in One Month and US in Two Months..’ (Video Report)

  1. Maybe perhaps now that the threat of ISIS has moved closer, USA Christians will get serious about quitting “Osteenification” and selfishly chasing money while pretending it is serving the LORD, and instead repenting and praying wholeheartedly!

    Because USA Christians are abominably evil, Jesus Christ is has raised up ISIS (as He raised up the Babylonians and Romans against the sinful Jews of Bible times). USA Christians live lukewarmly, fornicate, get drunk, do drugs and lust over “pictures or videos of women”, love money, and we curse our leaders against Acts 23:5 and 1 Timothy 2:1-4 (President Obama should be prayed for, not cursed!!).

    Instead of blessing the USA, Jesus must curse and destroy the USA, because USA Christians are drowning in sin, and God is holy and just. But, GOD could fix the USA per 2 Chronicles 7:14 if we:

    1) repent of our sins, all of them
    2) earnestly pray with faith (not doubting God exists, and that God rewards sincere prayer) for other Christians to stop sinning. If I could quit lusting over “pictures or videos of women” by believing and saying Romans 6:2,3,4,18,21, Colossians 2:11, and 2 Corinthians 5:17 whenever I was tempted, then you can also. I haven’t lusted over “pictures or videos of women” since late 2009.
    3) hold meetings where we invite Christians to pray with faith with you for the USA, our leaders, and for a Christian revival to sweep the USA of sin and hate and disease.
    4) tell Christians, “A Christian revival has started, pray for it to grow.”

    If we don’t have a Christian revival, God will destroy the USA. Google “Dumitru Duduman” if you don’t believe me. God won’t fail, IF we trust Him.


    • re: dn1000;

      Americans ask G-d to bless our nation..

      but “I” ask those Americans.. ‘..does our nation bless G-d?..’

      No, our nation does not.

      We murder 5,000 of His babies in the womb every day.

      We not only allow homosexuality but legalize gay marriage. (an abomination that G-d destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for.)

      We have taken “G-d” OUT of the schools, the courts, the government, the work place, the public square, the holidays and even the churches..

      and then “we” have the audacity to ask G-d to bless our nation…

      Our Lord thy G-d will not be mocked.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  3. Wrong on both counts, nothing to do with God at all. ISIS is bound by the resolve to found a World Caliphate. It can only do this by domination of every non-Islamic country. Islam tells its followers that these infidels must be converted or killed. (They might pay a tax for a few years and then be converted or killed at the whim of their Muslim enslavers.)
    Non-Muslims are considered as animals to do with as the Muslim wishes, hence the cowardly attacks on unarmed people, their philosophy does not stand up to inspection by any standard of human rights. We have a war on our hands which we cannot afford to loose or we loose all of our freedom and become slaves or Muslim slaves to Islam. The only form of defence against this assault is to attack it at its source. If you are going to pray then pray for the strength and courage to fight against Islam.


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  5. Where is the kings speech at? ironic he never helped out any Islamic country before, his main allies are UK and USA, while Saudi is struggling financially, seems strange he would jeopardize being sanctioned and loose getting his Euros and Dollars to help keep him in his lifestyle.


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