12 comments on “All European Life Died in Auschwitz

  1. Wow…..what an eye opening story….best thing is it is all true.I was born 19 years after the end of WW2,but the stories I heard about what the Nazis did to the Jews and the stories about what those fanatics in Isis and Isil are saying to try and convince the world that the Jews are the bad guys,makes me really sick.When will the world powers and the media wake up and see the truth that Islam is as evil as the Nazis.

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  2. Amen. Amen – instead of life; the West has death. Thank G*d, General Eisenhower did what he did. That has been a thought of mine since my teens, and yes – we have a rising number claiming it never happened. We have a culture of death rising among us.


  3. Yes Dav Thank General Eisenhower he was a smart man and a great man also. Jews have never hurt others just because they could. We must continue to teach the Holocause Lest we Ever Forget


  4. What an excellent piece, the real faces of muslims, Jews and others. I was alive in England during WW2 but not old enough to fight. I do remember being in the shelter when the bombs were falling and I saw the newspaper photos of Belson and Auschwitz starved prisoners and the piles of dead.

    Now we see similar things from ISIS as we did from the Nazis. It needs wiping out in the same way as we did the other evil. The world must decide and act quickly to crush ISIS and all it stands for.


  5. Knight – I was born far after the war, and in the States. The sad thing is – today modern society is so empty of a awareness of history. I was blessed with a family that has deep roots. We talked of our forebears. Forebears that had brothers and sisters that are in the history books. (I am 9th or 10th cousin of Winston Churchill). For some name dropping… However, most today have no awareness at all of what evil forces (like ISIS) can do when allowed the freedom. Obama IS a fool, and completely not of his element. It has all been too easy for the generations born after the war, and the Leftists have been busy filling minds with notions that have no basis in fact, logic or any connection to what the West means. Truly – we are seeing things come around again. The Jews are planning to leave Europe. Certainly France. The aware ones know – the game is nearly up…


  6. Peter Medawar is not Muslim. That makes the contrast even more striking.

    Care is needed, when studying the achievements of people from Muslim-majority countries. A few years ago, I drew up a list of Nobel Prize winners, some of whom were Muslims but the ones who won respectable prizes (not the Peace Prize) were usually educated and/or did their major work in a non-Muslim environment; they gained their skills and achievements among infidels. Those who were Muslims succeeded in spite of Islam, not because of Islam. Example: Mohammad Abdus Salam left Pakistan when they declared that Ahmadiyyas were not really Muslims, and left again when they blocked his work.


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