8 comments on “Egyptian Islamic Militants ‘Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis’ Behead 4 Men Accused of Spying for Israel

  1. Savages. Need to be eliminated. If Obama really wanted to, we could take them all out. I don’t think he really does. He’s more their president than he is president of America.

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  2. I notice that these cowardly slaughters are afraid to show their faces and it takes 9 of them to kill 4 bound unarmed prisoners. However, that is Islam, only attack the weak and defenseless. The quicker they get a taste of Western power the better. Unfortunately, Obama is proud of his Muslim faith and this may well curb the power he could wield until he and his family come under attack.


  3. Obama is a sympathizer to these people, their beliefs come from what he grew up with as I understand it. He does not care anything for America, what we believe in and our way of life…he trashed his Oath to America long ago when he promised he would defend our Constitution. Sad fact but true.


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