10 comments on “‘In Defense of Christians’ Summit Opens in Washington, D.C.

  1. Having read through this article, I still do not see what these people, (apart from talking and praying,) propose to actually do. Turning the other cheek after a hard stare will not intimidate ISIS, nor will telling them not to be naughty boys. Just what do these Christians plan to do to stop ISIS?

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    • Couldn’t have said it better myself! The completely inadequate response of the western Christian churches to the persecution/genocide being perpetrated against African and Middle Eastern Christians has caused me a real crisis of faith. Are these people somehow “lesser” Christians because they are poor, or their “brand” of Christianity isn’t quite what Rome thinks it should be? We have failed them, and the western Christian churches have been complicit in keeping the rhetoric about these atrocities toned down when they should have been speaking out in the loudest fashion. I am asking myself what respect for and faith I can have in a church that can so easily turn a blind eye to this present-day holocaust/genocide.

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      • re: birdlady2014;

        I agree completely. If anything, they are a “greater” brand of Christian. They are truer adherents to the faith, more so than are 99.9% of the Westerners who “proclaim” Christianity, yet know it not.

        Have you ever read the “Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi?”


        That’s kinda’ what comes to mind when I think of the life they live.

        We will never come closer to the Lord here on earth, except through persecution, which we know not.

        Not yet anyway.. but, we will.

        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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