10 comments on “Muslims Enforcing Sharia Law on the Streets of Germany

  1. The sooner this is stopped the better. Only the laws of the country should apply. Sharia was written by men not God, there is no reason to believe that it should be superior.


  2. It’s not necessary for the police to do anything… all the local government has to do is find consensus and hire contractors from the Kaibil units of Guatemala and other contracting companies as cleaning squad units and anyone that uses that orange sharia police outfit is to be taken and encouraged to evaporate as was done in Argentina, Chile, Guatemala and other countries… never to be seen again. Some of them could be displayed in various extreme ways to send a message that fecal matter belong in the toilet.


  3. Put the neo-Nazi’s on the pay role with a strict understanding. Any one in a sharia police vest is fair game. Make it public knowledge there will be no prosecutions. I hope they do it anyway.


  4. This is not just a german problem it is a european problem, and if the governments of europe carry on ignoring this, there is going to be civil unrest among the indigenous population.


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  6. !!! – “Neo-Nazis are a integral part of the German wehrmacht and are manifested as a carry-over! If left to their own ‘devices’ the ‘Sharia’ Police are in more danger than they ever imagined! Should this group be provoked to ‘Act’ in the perceived “inaction” by the German authorities, – predictably ‘many’ Sharia Law enforcers will get to meet ALLAH without further ado!”


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