5 comments on “Obama Declares War on the Islamic State (ISIS) (Video)

  1. I am sorry but I cannot listen to this man. He has lied to the American people to often to have credibility now. He has been good at saying the right thing but it soon turns into something else. I wonder where his military might is when he has been responsible for the gutting of our military on every side.


  2. He needs to reread the Medina section of the Qur’an and the Hadiths. He will find a passage saying that when an unbeliever id killed there will be rejoicing in Paradise. Mohammad personally killed (or supervised the killing of) 600 Jewish prisoners, their wives taken as sex slaves by his followers after he had taken his pick. Forced marriage and conversion were an alternative to rape and beheading.

    This is Islam, and ISIS/ISIL are merely following the cult to the letter. Hellfire missiles are too good and quick for them but any means of helping them to their paradise must be for the benefit of the rest of us.


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