8 comments on “Bill Maher: ‘..Why Islam is Like No Other Religion..’ (Video)

  1. Tee Hee! Charlie Rose is about to pee his pants trying to interject and say that the Koran doesn’t condone killing, stoning, beheading, etc., but Maher doesn’t let him get away with it. It sounds like Potty-Mouth Maher has been doing his homework on Islam. Everything he said was correct. He didn’t sound like a clueless liberal (like Charlie Rose did). Rose’s ignorance on Islam and the Koran is breathtaking! Come to think of it, Maher wasn’t potty-mouthed in this video….surprising. Nevertheless, one feels like being potty-mouthed when speaking about these brutal savages – the Muslims, so if he did spout out a few ‘SOBs’ and mfers, I think we all could excuse him under the circumstances. And did you notice that he defended Christianity????? And he is a former Jew and now an atheist I understand. Maybe there is hope for this man….I for one will be praying for him because he still needs to come around on many things. At least he sees the light on this very important subject. Sometimes when libs have one aspect of their goofy world view upset by the truth they change their minds on other things.


    • re: burkasrugly;

      Hey brother!

      Yeah, Bill did a great job.. even though C. Rose was a rude little “b.”

      Like you referenced.. he kept trying to interject and interrupt (rudely) ..just to stop Bill.

      Then, when Bill challenged him.. he didn’t know $h*t.

      Typical liberal sympathizer..

      Equally, if not more dangerous than a Muzzball..in my opinion.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. What worried me were the various polls taken from Muslims living, working and studying in the West, in which around 17% of them admitted getting ‘some’ satisfaction from the events of 9/11. That speaks to me of deep underlying hostilities against the West and ‘infidels’ generally. They’re living amongst us, not in some godforsaken cave at Tora Bora.


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