7 comments on “BREAKING: ISIS Beheads British Citizen David Haines (Video)

  1. Cowards afraid to show their faces, victims tied and helpless. Nothing short of mindless bullies. They MUST be stopped at all costs. More power to the Allies.


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    • re: Sam;

      I am still ‘undecided’ as to the last “3” videos released by ISIS.

      (The 2 American journalists & the English aid worker.)

      Unfortunately, I have seen plenty of real beheading videos in the past. Ones that are obviously and unmistakably authentic.

      These “3” have a completely different ‘feel’ to them. After viewing the first one, 5 min.s after it was released, I told a friend..

      ‘..I believe that video was staged..’ (unauthentic.)

      I am not prepared to conclusively come to a determination at this time, but I am leaning towards believing that those 3 and the one of the Lebanese soldier are all ‘unauthentic.’

      If so, they are probably being created under the direction of the Obama & Cameron Admin.’s to be used as propaganda to draw us back into their Petrol-War in Syria.

      The videos remind me of the US “lunar landing” videos and pic.s

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      – – –


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