27 comments on “Middle-Eastern “Christians” Create Turmoil and Division at IDC Summit Following Sen. Ted Cruz Speech on ‘Christian & Jewish Unity’ (Video)

  1. Something that most so-called “Christians” seem to forget is, without Judaism, Christianity would NOT exist. Two reasons- 1.) The Christ NEVER forsook his Jewish heritage, but rather encouraged the spread of His teachings throughout the world, to both Jew and Gentile.
    2.) One of His final acts on the cross was that of begging the Father to forgive those who crucified Him.
    The “Chrinos” (Christians In Name Only) have much to answer for, and Karma is a real Boetsch.

    I admire, and am in FULL agreement, with your added commentary, JSM. Thank You for saying what so sorely needed to be said.

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  2. I will keep posting this thought until it becomes etched in every politicians mind. There can be no DEVOUT “moderate muslims”. The terms are incompatible. While we may hear “moderate muslims” DENOUNCE violence, we never hear them RENOUNCE the verses that inspire the violence in the first place. There is no ” new curr-an” redacting the medina verses, Taquia is intentional lying to promote islam, Kitman is lying by omission.


  3. Reblogged this on Mysteries and commented:
    Lordy. I could see Cruz’s anger and amazement at the strong reaction from this crowd. It’s a very bad sign that the world is dividing. It’s what the militant islamist gang want. We’re falling into step dammit.


  4. Some Zionist sleight of hand here methinks. Jews have to accept that many of us, Christians or otherwise, are critical of political Zionism without being anti-Jewish. Being critical of Israel, it’s raison d’etre and origins does not transmute to anti-Jewish bigotry! People who argue otherwise lose credibility.

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    • re: FatherJon;

      I understand that it is possible to be in disagreement with a ‘political policy’ of Israel and of course, that does not make one ‘anti-Semitic.’ (ie.) Anti-Jewish.

      Although, many people “profess” to be Christians and yet, they stand against Israel and/or the Jewish people.

      It transcends ‘political’ indifference.

      People throw around the word ‘Zionism’ and truly have no concept of the true meaning. They claim to be against a ‘concept’ that they lack true knowledge in. Oh, but they think they know, but they do not. I hear people use the word and I immediately ask them.. ‘..tell me what ‘Zionism’ means..’

      99% of the time, they are 100% incorrect.

      Zionism is defined simply as: ‘..the right of the Jewish people to possess self-determination in their own nation of Israel..’

      That’s it.

      There is no hidden meaning, there are no secret plots.

      Anyone that tells you otherwise is either ignorant, a liar (or) both.

      One cannot be:

      A Christian and anti-Israel.

      A Christian and anti-Jewish


      A Christian and anti-Zionist.

      Those are all contradictions in terms.

      I would surely say that, if white man can sail across a sea and steal land from either the Native American (or) the Aborigines..and call it their own..

      ..then, the Jewish people/Israelite most assuredly possess a right to the land that was breathed into existence, by the one Creator, HaShem..just for them.

      If there ever was a piece of land on this earth that truly “belonged” to a group of people…

      It’s Israel and the Jewish people.

      I do not care what nation a “Christian” was born in, raised in, lives in (or) calls home..

      ..if they are truly a “Christian” then, Israel will be first in their heart, before ALL nations.

      I do not care what people a “Christian” belongs to, be it race, nationality or creed..

      ..if they are truly a ‘Christian’ then, the Jewish people will be first in their heart, before ALL people.

      If one does not possess this ‘inescapable’ love in their heart that I have described..

      ..then, I dare say.. they are NOT of the chosen and not of the elect.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  5. A born again Christian would pray for Jews to believe in Jesus and reach out to them. The anti-christ spirit persecutes both Jews and Christians. You would have to question the “spirit “of those mockers


    • re: richard holroyd;

      I would contend that ALL Jewish people do believe in the one you are referring to as ‘Jesus.’ (Yahushua HaMashiach)

      (albeit, unbeknownst to them.)

      Is the one you call ‘Jesus’ not the physical embodiment of the one Lord thy G-d? (ie) G-d manifest in the form of flesh?

      Does the Jew not believe in the SAME one Lord thy G-d that the ‘Christian’ believes in?

      Therefore, if they are one in the same, the Jew does believe in “Jesus.”

      Does the Jew not believe in Messiah? Yes, they do.

      – – –

      Let me ask you, what ‘faith’ was Jesus?

      Jew, right?

      What faith were His parents?

      Jew, right?

      When ‘Jesus’ converted the pagans, the lost, etc. What ‘faith’ did He convert them to?

      Judaism, right?

      Where did ‘Jesus’ teach and preach?

      Synagogue, right?

      From what book?

      Torah, right?

      What Law did He teach?

      The Law of Moshe, correct? (Jewish Law)


      So, were “you” not taught to be ‘like-Christ?’

      Are you?

      Remember, ‘Christ’ is a Jewish man that teaches Judaism from Torah in Synagogue and converted the lost to Judaism?

      I’ll ask you again..

      Are “you” like Christ?

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  6. One one of the main reasons that Christians in the Middle East and specially in Lebanon not liking Israel, because on numerous occasions, Israel bombed and targeted Christian areas. I live in Lebanon and have seen the atrocities in my own eyes.


    • re: samimk;

      Do you really think that Israel would ‘..target Christians..’ with the “intent” to do harm to the Christians?


      Is it more likely that Hezbollah or another terrorist organization in the region was targeting Israel and they responded to the threat, which was in the areas where Christians happened to be located?

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Dear friend, the Christian area is miles away from Hezbollah. Believe me, a lot of Christians like myself had nothing against Israel until this happened. I wish that Israel had send an apology at least.


      • re: samimk;

        Blessed greetings, my friend.

        I am very sorry to hear this happened to you and the other Lebanese Christians.

        I understand what you are saying and I do believe you. This does help me to understand why you feel like you do.

        Perhaps an apology is in order.

        Again, I will offer you and the Lebanese people “my personal” apology. Maybe not the same thing, but better than nothing.

        So, when did this occur?

        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Maybe there was more intel to it, aiding and comfort or something,. (of course I don’t know or imply it) What I do know is those in Israel have spoken out on the plight of Christian persecution in the ME.(while others were silent — even with rockets in coming) I believe Bibi is on the record there and here speaking of it. Not to justify that, just saying. Israel still isn’t happy with US shutting Tel Aviv down, rightly so. I’d apologize too, but the wrath I hear from clergy is deeper.


  7. True Christians know God wants them to stand with Israel,In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 12, Verse 1-3, we see what God says about His response to how people treat Israel:

    “And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you. And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.”


    • re: StarDust Dolittle (@DustyFae);

      You could not be more right, nor could I agree with you more.

      As we continue to approach the final days of this age..there will be a growing divide.

      And Israel will be in the middle of this divide.

      All of humanity will choose a side. Either ‘for her’ (or) ‘against her.’

      There will be no middle ground.

      It is my personal opinion that even the US will be on the wrong side.

      Perhaps they will give the illusion of support, in their words..

      But, their actions will prove otherwise.

      I pray I am wrong.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  8. The last Coptic Pope Shenouda III (before the present one) regularly delivered anti-Semitic sermons and called Jews “Christ-killers.” And, in July 2008, he told Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper:

    “Jews are a cursed people who have their hands indulged in the blood of Palestinians.”

    He also forbade all Copts from visiting Jerusalem as long as it “remains occupied,” meaning as long as there are Jews there.

    Coptic Christians often led the Muslims in pogroms against the Jews of Egypt. There are almost no Jews left in Egypt, and the Copts joined the Muslims in calling for the Jews’ expulsion. Many Jewish homes and property were taken not by Muslims, but by Copts.


    and also the present Roman Catholic Popes anti semitism
    The Pope will be received by “the President of the State of Palestine” (words taken from the Vatican official note).
    ……..Then the Pope will be received in the “Phoenix Center of the Dhaisheh refugee camp”. He will endorse the “inalienabile right” of millions of descendants of Palestinian Arab refugees to repossess the homes and villages that their grandparents and great-grandparents had lost in 1948, an act which would dismember the modern state of Israel.


    Go figure


    • re: John J;

      Thank you for this information. I was not aware (to the degree) of some of this.

      Many “Christians” are ignorant. They invite in, contribute to and facilitate their own demise.

      They reach out to Muslims in ‘..interfaith alliance..’ and all the while, the Muslims are slaughtering them worldwide.

      And then, they have the audacity to speak against the Jew. Utter hypocrites.

      I feel confident in saying.. 95% of those today who call themselves “Christians” will never see Heaven’s gates from the other side.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  9. Well said. But that these are clergy in the “Christian” church/faith it deserves to be called out. How many of the congregants have the same views, I don’t know. But they invited him, and it sounds like they had slim pickings in who actually showed up to speak. The one who did they ambushed.

    We understood that they had some nuanced views, to put it mildly, but this? Then maybe their Hezbollah friends etc will help them.


    • re: Bullright;

      I read a statement that was released by one of the “Christian” Bishops to the media after this occurrence and it stated;

      (this is quoted text)

      “The expression used from this stage last night was true but incomplete. It should have said we are not in defense of Christians alone, we are in defense of Christians, in defense of Jews, in defense of Muslims, in defense of those who have no faith, in defense of everyone,”

      – – –

      LOL. Bullshit!

      That is not the reason they got angry. They are trying to LIE their way out of it now..

      I heard what they said and I read the complete transcripts (which included the statements from the crowd.)

      I was under the impression that ‘bearing false witness’ was a violation of the tenets of their faith.

      They spit in the face of their brother and hold hands with their persecutors…

      Typical Pseudo-Christians.

      I think I am beginning to see “why” they are being persecuted now.

      I can’t help but wonder.. how many starving Christians (that were left behind) could have been fed with the money they used for their plane tickets to travel to the States and act like a bunch of disrespectful jackasses..

      The money surely could have been better spent, even if they flushed it down a Syrian toilet.

      p.s. I am NOT hostile towards “true” Christians (or) “true” Christianity…

      just fake ones.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Wow….then why are they using the Christian name to promote themselves?
        Big BS there !!!!!!!!!! Speaking of pseudos, I expected a typical prog group under that label anyway, but then see what these clergy said. Well, it is right up the “DBS” alley – playbook.

        Hey, as to the others, Cair and muzzie orgs take care of them — thank you! They do not need Christians help (whats dhimmi help worth anyway?) Use the Christian name cause the others have ruined theirs (and Christians aren’t far these days in ruining our credibility) Funny how there was one group in their Jews, that they didn’t want any part of. ANd that’s from the progs playbook not a mishap.

        Why was Cruz there, he must have known, maybe to make the point. Surely he wasn’t completely blindsided. His father was a minister too. What’s next….using the Christian name to raise money only to give it over to them? Sounds possible.


  10. That’s the thanks too. If I remember it has been a year calling attention to persecution from Somalia to Egypt and Iran. The libs and the media couldn’t give it the time of day. Nor did Hillary in the State Dep or Kerry. Now these leaders act this way. And it was only a few chosen reps and Senators who spoke out too. Not Obama. The administration did squat. Putin treated Christians better,

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