10 comments on “Obama’s Coalition of the Unwilling: Turkey, Germany and UK Withdraw Support for US-led War on ISIS

  1. Cameron is SUCH A HYPOCRITE! He never misses a media op to say how committed Britain is to bringing the ISIS terrorists to justice………………but…………… apparently it will have to be done without any British air support. AND no “British boots on the ground”. Germany is just as bad! Exactly WHAT support ARE they offering the US???

    And Cameron’s ridiculous public statements that the savagery of ISIS doesn’t represent (p)islam is totally laughable. I’m surprised he hasn’t suggested that they are Buddhists, or Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, etc.
    So far, the world “leaders” haven’t done much more than shoot their mouths off………….. doesn’t give a warm and fuzzy feeling of security.


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  3. “He therefore called on Congress to approve additional resources for training and equipping Syrian opposition forces to take part in the war on IS.”

    The Syrian REBELS will also use that training and equipment to use on the Syrian Army to get rid of Assad. Which is what HE and his Arabian puppet masters have wanted all along! The Saudi’s want to get their hands on the 2 Royal boys…. the rightful heirs of Syria and the Islamic heritage.

    Turkey won’t cooperate as they are part of the problem. They want the caliphate as much as the IS!

    As for the UK and Germany…. they probably know that just air strikes aren’t going to amount to a hill of beans in this war. They just might be listening to Canadian PM Harper also…. “Don’t trust Obi!”


    • re: Blessed B.;

      Hi. 🙂

      Yes, I also believe this is:

      “Obama Does Syria and Assad” Part II | Screenplay written by; Ben Rhodes

      Knowing this.. it makes me wonder.. could those ‘nutjobs’ that have been saying.. ‘..Obama (and/or) the CIA created ISIS..’ actually be right??

      I know, just because it fits into the preceding narrative doesn’t make it true. It could be mitigating..but, it sure makes one wonder..

      I’m 70%(+) convinced that those 3 alleged ‘beheadings’ were staged to give Obama an excuse to act. (Could be mitigating, as well.)

      I could swear though, those beheadings were filmed on the same sound-stage that the lunar landing was in ’69. 😉

      Okay, I’m gonna’ shut-up now before I lose all credibility..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Not all muslims…. there are different sects in Islam as there are in Christianity…..

      If all of them wanted islam to spread then they would all be behind ISIS right now, helping them out in which everyway they could.

      Cripes…even Hamas is calling the Israeli ” Report an ammo Dump” hot-line and reporting areas in which ISIS has their ammo dumps set up within Palestine….


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