8 comments on “The Prince of Wallachia: Vlad the Impaler (Video)

  1. Thanks for posting this! I didn’t know the history of Vlad until just recently myself. I had always heard he was such an evil man, impaling his enemies on stakes and letting them rot there.

    Knowing now that those enemies were the islamists , I think he was a hero! He used this tactic because he knew they were very superstitious and wouldn’t move in through the impaled corpses, being afraid of jinns and the ghosts of the impaled…..

    He definitely sent the message of ” DON”T “F” with me!” LOL!

    I know of 3 Vlads myself!


    • re: Blessed B.

      You are certainly welcome. And thank you.

      The focal point of this video is more on the actions of Vlad, as opposed to, the enemy and why he re-acted as he did. A true unbiased historical accounting is hard to find. The Muslims were murdering the innocent and stealing Christian land and he did what he had to do.

      They didn’t mention it in the video, but the stakes were actually lubricated and inserted into the anus. The stake was then forced upward and exited out of the mouth. Then, the stake was placed upright with the person impaled in that manner. Still alive. Nice huh? 🙂 Poor muzzballs…

      Oh well.. most of them like it in the a– anyway. 😮

      I have recently started studying (more in depth) the Muslim conquests and the leaders of the Crusades who fought back against the Islamic aggression.

      The parallels today are astounding.

      We are definitely living in the beginning of the next Islamic conquest. In each conquest of the past, it was ‘only’ the Christian crusades that prevented the world from falling under complete and total Islamic domination.

      This time will be no different.

      A Christian leader MUST rise up to lead a Christian Crusade to fight back the Islamic onslaught..or there will be nothing to halt it this time.

      I wouldn’t count on the Pope today for much.

      He’ll be washing the feet of the Muslims as they cross the Atlantic.

      p.s. I’m happy you know 3 Vlads. 🙂

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  4. So in essence the barbaric cruelty of his Islamic capturers created the real live Dracula, Vlad the Impaler. This student of evil, learning at the right hand of Satan’s minions, became even more evil than they. Islam is pure evil whose faithful are embodied by demons determined to devour the world.


    • re: Bullright;

      Absolutely. I have said the same.

      95% of the world’s leaders today are weak minded, weak spirited sheep. We need only one true leader in this world to slam his fist upon the podium and proclaim in a thunderous voice of dissension: ‘..enough is enough and I will lead those willing to fight…follow me..’

      I believe there are true leaders like that today.

      But, do you know what they lack that you mentioned?

      The ‘..notoriety..’

      The true ‘..leaders..’ of today are people like you and I.

      Unknown nobodies.

      Perhaps the courage of an unknown individual (unconcerned with political correctness) would suffice.

      Your thoughts?

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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