4 comments on “Muhammad and Islam’s Sex Slaves

  1. Muhammad was a scum bag pig and it is the duty of Israel and Jews to exterminate all Muslim pigs off the face of the earth. Find them and behead them where they stand. Preferably eliminate them with a nuclear blast at Meca. This is the law when Joseph was sent crossing into Canaan and ordered to kill all that inhabited the land… this order was never void so it’s activation and none cancellation makes it legitimate to exterminate them still. That is the law… and I will lead with pleasure.

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  2. It is i feel, high time the British people were shown and are fully aware of this kind of atrocity and not only through such a medium as this, but , by their own National News services who seem reluctant to be purveyors of real and ( of importance ) news . We in the United Kingdom have been for so long oblivious to and not been made aware of the threat to our streets,and the people .

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