7 comments on “Muslim Terrorist Attempts Assassination of Prominent Israeli Rabbi

  1. Well, we are at war…and it is a religious war…nothing political here…just a religious drive by shooting…In America we would be calling this ‘work place’ violence, like maybe a ‘follower’ went off the rails but in the real world we must call it by what it is…This attempt to murder a rabbi is just one more move of the jihad that Islam is waging in their religious war on all other people….Imams all over the world should know that the day is coming when they will either have to give up their false religion, as it will be outlawed, or they will have to vacate the planet…Maybe NASA will have your home ready for you on Mars. But, Torah is going out to all the universe and so it will be more practical for all muslims to just give up ISLAM…I know the women want to….Except for the Palestinian women who are making babies so they can grow up to be blown up with suicide vests but all other muslim women just want peace and love….And so I say to muslim women. Be strong, be brave…walk away from ISLAM. Do not give your bodies to men of such filth. Look at what the men of ISLAM are doing around the world. Do you really want your children to grow up to be like them? Be with me and step away from all the liars from every side….


    • re: Joseph;

      Excellent advice.

      I concur that this is a ‘religious war.’

      Unfortunately, it’s a religious war that only one ‘religion’ is fighting.

      The others seem to be submitting.


      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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