5 comments on “Pakistan: Young Christian Couple Burned Alive by Muslim Mob

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  2. Do the women of Islam enjoy the burning flesh of other women?… the men of Islam do. Are the women of Islam ‘taught’ to enjoy this? OR are they just trapped, like the kids?….Speak, women of Islam….In the West we have a saying, “I am woman, hear me roar.” Can the women of Islam even speak? Or will they be burned alive as well?

    Women of Islam have a choice. You can say NO MORE! or you can produce babies for death. Look at your children and tell me they are not worth saving. I think they are. That is why I am asking you to ‘come away with me’. In the Bible, YHVH says that when He sends His messiah into the earth that the Messiah will come and strengthen the House of Joseph. This is true. I know it is confusing. It is confusing to the people of the West as well, but it is true. The House of Joseph is NOT JEWISH….but it does belong to YHVH, not ‘allah’ or any other god.

    Are you tired of having no place safe for your heart? Tell YHVH that you forsake the evil of Islam and tell Him that your heart belongs somewhere else and ‘come away with me’…I know you can’t physically leave where you are because I know the men of Islam will track you down and murder you and your family but you can place your heart with YHVH and with a people He has saved, different from all others…not ‘christian’, not ‘muslim’ not jewish, not hindu…not anything but lovers of peace….It is your heart my lady. First things first. Place your heart with YHVH and then you will see how YHVH guides you. Have courage. You have lasted this long with no hope but now there is hope. Join with me, spiritually. Tell God you are now a woman of the House of Joseph. It is Biblical and no one can take that away from you. Remember Joseph? from the old days? He fed the people. He was raised by God to do just that. Today the food is spiritual. Today your heart is what is needed to be fed. I know you are scared. We are all scared. But courage wouldn’t be valuable if fear were not present. You women of Islam, wherever you are, are a strong and beautiful woman…You can do this. You can say NO…You can reject the god of death and all the men who serve death and you can say you want something better. Remember that YHVH is the God of Ishmael. And YHVH is your god too…He is the real ‘god of creation’…not ‘il-allah’.

    I am Joseph. I am of the House of Joseph of YHVH’s kingdom. I can tell you honestly that you have a way out. There are no churches or mosques or synagogues to go to…only YHVH. He sees your heart. You need tell no one…only YHVH. He hears your voice. He is real. Like you I too am so tired of all the evil and the games people play. Like you I just want what is real. Is burning flesh real to you ? It is to me…and I reject it. YHVH is as real as death is all around you and He can and will hear you….Call out to Him and join with me in the House of Joseph…defy the forces of evil in this world. They do not own your heart.


  3. Fanatics will always justify their horrific actions by invoking “God’s Will”. Muslims take this to the extreme !


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