9 comments on “Brigitte Gabriel’s Keynote Speech at the United Nations on Global Anti-Semitism (Video)

  1. Israelis just pull down the shutters when anyone points to their own existence in the region as being at least a part catalyst to the problems faced there today. Their response is to muster and activate their Zionist supporters around the world even on social networking sites. But it doesn’t work, nobody’s that naïve anymore.


    • re: F- Jon;

      What a load of shite.

      It is Israel’s mere existence on the planet that facilitates the bigoted ignorance from the left-wing lunatic fringe, expressed thru Anti-Semitism.

      And I have never heard of this ‘..secret network of Zionists..’ you speak of, that are ‘..activated on social networking sites..’


      Please do share your evidence of this…

      I believe ‘if’ they existed, “I” would be in a position to know.

      Furthermore, if you knew the true meaning of ‘Zionism’ ..there may actually be a ‘shred’ of validity given to your comments.

      Zionism defined is: ‘..Israel’s right to exist as state..’ PERIOD!

      Perhaps Australia does NOT have the right to exist?

      ‘Lest you be a Austionist..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. God Bless Brigitte Gabriel, may she inspire God-loving peoples of all religions and all nations to commit themselves to ending anti-Semitism, ending the fatwas and indoctrinated hatred of Israel and Jews by Muslims. Here, in the United States, we have a very, very evil man sitting in the Office of The President – a man I call “the Muslim in Chief,” whose primary goal appears to be the destruction of the United States of America, followed closely by the destruction of Israel. I pray that after this midterm election in the United States Obama’s efforts and agenda will be halted until his term ends or he is otherwise stymied in his efforst.

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  3. i,ve never meet a jewish person, I’ve never meet a muslim person either, but based on what I read and see in the internet, the murders,the beheadings, the child murders, if I had to pick a side in a firefight, I would be against the haters, I would fight with ISRAEL, to the death if need be.


    • re: David;

      You are a good man, David. And if your true given name is ‘David’ ..I find it very surprising you have ‘..never met a Jewish person..’

      You share your name with a great Jewish King.


      Peace and love be with you and your family…


      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  4. I can find no fault and only agree with everything that Brigitte says. A wonderfully well placed set of facts and arguments.


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  6. ACT4AMERICA sounds like a great organization however there are already too many grass roots
    groups like this. We need to support the groups that have been fighting for us for decades.


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