8 comments on “Muslims Throw a Christian Woman Out of the National Cathedral Church in Washington D.C. During Islamic ‘Call to Prayer’ Service

  1. That Christian woman is a real hero. What a brave act. Islam has always sought the submission of Christians. Those who erganised this are deluded. Allah is an evil god as the Koran clearly demonstrates and has no spiritual qualities but a lot of barbaric human ones. Acts of spineless appeasement like this are only pathetic self abasement.


  2. I agree with your concerns about Islam and it’s bizarre teachings, to a certain degree. However, I now realize your organization is also very intolerant of any people who are not completely of your very narrow-minded Judeo-Christian belief. This nation was also founded on religious freedom. Many people in this country today, had ancestors who came to this country to escape religious intolerance,elsewhere. Although I don’t aree with muslims in the Washington Cathedral, I think that Christian woman “making a scene” during a muslim prayer service , was also bizarre! I was brought up as a protestant,but it wasn’t for me. I was even baptised in the Catholic faith years ago. Stil not the answer for me. I now belong to a Spiritual Center that is wonderful! Oh and another thing,so what if a gay minister was allowed to give a service. is his “gayness” going to rub off on someone?? Your organization is just as intolerant as Islam(although probably not as dangerous)!


    • re: denise dudley;

      Uh, where do I begin with you Denise?

      You are a ‘..lost soul..’ and in no way do I mean that in a condescending manner.

      Either you believe in the truth of the word, or you do not. Either you believe ‘ALL’ of it..or none of it. We are NOT to ‘..pick and choose..’ which scriptures we believe and decide to adhere to and disregard the rest. Who among us cannot live by a standard that allows us to pick and choose the rules we desire to follow? That is the worldly assumption…

      Do you really think Our Lord thy G-d would tell you the truth in some places and lie to you in others? If not, then how can you deny any of Torah or the Holy Bible?

      Either it is ALL true or ALL a lie. Do ‘you’ get that?

      Homosexuality is an ‘..abomination before our Lord thy G-d..’ and He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins against His word.

      America, Europe and the rest of the Western nations are the modern day ‘..Sodom and Gomorrah..’ and I assure you, they will suffer the same fate.

      If ‘you’ cannot see a problem with a ‘Christian Woman’ being thrown out of a ‘Christian Church’ in America by Muslims, your heart is seared and your soul is blind.

      WE will not be tolerant of intolerance! And ‘if’ that is why ‘you’ label us as ‘intolerant,’ than so be it. I will proudly wear that as a badge of honor, as will my thousands of readers…

      And WE are more dangerous than Islam, because we proclaim the truth. And nothing is more dangerous to a lie..than one who boldly proclaims the truth.

      Our Lord thy G-d will NOT be mocked.

      You will see…

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  3. This makes my blood boil and spirit grieve. It’s heresy. God bless this Christian lioness who boldy stood up just as Jesus stood with a whip against the money changers outside the synagogue!


  4. They should have agreed to an exchange, Christian prayers in a top mosque, Muslim prayers in a top Church, no agreement = no prayers. The Muslims will NEVER agree to Christian prayers in any mosque, as has been said, you cannot even enter the prayer room without the Arabic passwords which confirm you as a Muslim. These Muslims should have been made to recite the Christian equivalent before being allowed in.


  5. ‘Being realistic here folks!’ certainly looks like we’re down for the count…how the hell are we suppossed to fight against all of the ‘traitors within?’ this is not merely a ‘slap in the face’ to all Americans…but, a ‘beating of our faces into a pulp’… G-d help us


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