6 comments on “High Court Ruling in India Permits Child Marriage to Muslim Girls at Puberty in Accordance With Sharia Law

  1. Whatever steps India takes towards child marriages, just keep it there! We don’t want migrants from those countries using that as defence for kidnapping, raping and forcing marriage on kids in Western countries. Just have to look at what happened recently in Rotherham, England, to see how those Koranic edicts from Mohammed are used as defence in such cases of child assault there.


  2. Subsequent Judgement by Highcourt of Gujarat has now upheld that any girl irrespective of Religion is not eligible to marry before 18 years thus nullifying earlier judgement. This rule is in congruence with Child Marriage Act of 2006 also since this act is a secular act will apply to everyone irrespective of any religion. Hence eralier judgement that allowed Muslim girls to be married off at puberty or 15 years whichever is ealier has been struck down and nullified.


    • re: Harish V;

      Hello Harish. 🙂 Thank you so much for this information.

      Okay, so this is the ‘law’ you have shared with us.

      But, do you honestly believe that Muslims will adhere to this law?

      Do ‘you’ truly believe Muslims will abandon their doctrine and dogma form al-Qur’an and Muhammad’s example with 6-Year-old Aiesha in Sunnah al-Hadith and replace this with the ‘Laws of India?’

      Peace and love be with you and your family..




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