74 comments on “English Girl Converts to Islam Then Gets Acid Attacked for Breaking-up With Muslim Man

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    • yes she was very stupid
      there are stories and proof all over the news in all countries about this kind of stuff….what did she think ? it was gonna be different for her cuz she is so special ??????
      islam is the death of freedom for females and everyone else.
      they consider females nothing but walking vagina’s there for there pleasure
      i wonder if she got FEMALE CIRCUMCISION for him….to cut the clitoris and lips off a females vagina is of no purpose but slavery and to take the pleasure of sex away from the female.
      still millions have it done to there children every year…poor kids will never know peace n love or ever have a rewarding sex life with someone who really loves them………..
      freaking pedophile moslims are the filth of a pigs ass

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      • re: ingridm1958;

        You are partially correct.

        It is ‘..cultural..’ but, was adopted by the Arab and African culture and almost exclusively Arab and African Muslims.

        And why?

        It was adopted to protect little Muslim girls from the child-rapists within their own culture. That being, Muslim men.

        If you have done the research, you would know the reason is so the little Muslim girls will be ‘..virgins until marriage..’

        That’s not because little 6-Year-old Muslim girls are promiscuous but rather, due to the fact that there are about 500 Million ‘Muhammads” on the earth that would love nothing more than to rape that little girl.

        Would you not agree that.. any religion (culture) that requires that one gender must have their body parts sliced-off and sewn-up, in order to protect themselves from the other gender, is a “religion/culture” that is not worth having?

        And I have never heard of a Christian girl getting FGM but, I won’t say that hasn’t happened.

        I know they need protection from the Muslim men in their village, as well.

        If you have a link or two.. to a credible source for “Christian girls getting FGM” would you please share it with us?

        Thank you.


        jsm @ sharia unveiled

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    • I feel sad for her….clearly she must not have been in the right frame of mind for doing such a stupid thing…..


  2. A clearly silly and stupid person, and as such a idiot Westerner. Islam is ‘submission’. Submit to a male model ‘god’, and to submit to male authority. Despite all other talk about Islam this is the true Islam; she did not obey, and she received the measure of Islam. Frankly, a Westerner, raised in the West with all that this mean who becomes a Muslim should not receive the pity of us in the West. She got what she wanted, but she thought she was in charge. In Islam there is only submission. It is a submission to terror, but she submitted to it. Now – she knows something further about what Islam is truly.

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    • This is so sad. that poor girl. Hopefully that dirt bag gets what he deserves ,as God sees fit, in jail but nothing more. Islam seems to be a really disgusting culture. I feel sorry for all muslim women to have to put up with that crap. May God have mercy on your souls, but it probability won’t happen and you’ll all go to hell. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t got to hell for being a muslim, but for treating other people in such a horrific manner.


      • A muslim does not worship God. Allah was made up by muhamed in 610 AD. Not thinkin’ their going to heaven… You really should read the quran and see how sick Islam is.

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    • No, Emma, she didn’t, nor cutting off her nose, nor stoned to death, etc. THAT IS SHARIA LAW!!! Which is radical in the extreme…..IDK, would it be harder to kill someone in your family or a stranger???? Wake up SHEEPLE, of all the muslimes…there’s just a handful who do not support sharia law, including Sufi Muslims….the rest are mu-slimes. Info on Sofism: http://www.religionfacts.com/sufi

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      • She was stupid and silly to marry a muslim. You would think that by the way they treat muslim women she would have known how she would be treated. But she is still a victim all the same, and should not be blamed for what the muslim did. He is at fault essentially.


      • It’s called contributory negligence–meaning the other person is at fault, but the victim acted in such a way as to make the event more likely.

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      • Choices have consequences. The victim brought this on herself. She is fortunate to still be alive and not missing body parts.

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  3. gag – converting to islam to be with that?!?!??! Where is the will of the non-moslems to learn about islam and teach their children?! Geez, this whole thing is disgusting.

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    • re: Southern Wolf;

      I concur 100%!

      Thank you for the link to the pic.s you provided.

      It was also very respectful of you to write ‘Graphic images.’

      Unfortunately, I suppose I am a little desensitized after years of dealing with Islam..but, I do hope many are not.

      Peace and love be with you, my brother!

      – – –

      j/s/m @ sharia unveiled

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    • Nobody deserves acid thrown at them. It is a barbaric thing to have done to a person. She was naive. She obviously did not know what she was getting into. Listen to yourselves you people who write that she deserved it. She was the victim not the perpetrator. She was 14 for goodness sake, and at that age is very impressionable. She was obviously conned by that beast and should be pitied not condemned. It is like saying that a woman deserves being stoned because she was raped!!!!!!! Unfortunately, Muslims are infiltrating most countries and bringing their hatred and horror with them, so watch out. They are taking over by stealth and we the people are allowing it to happen.


      • re: chookybo;


        What an amazing comment. Very understanding and empathetic. I concur with you..

        So often, we look at these events, through the eyes of the adults that we are today. With the knowledge, wisdom and experiences that we have gained..forgetting how innocent, trusting, naive, etc..that “we” were at that age.

        And that is precisely “why” these dirty old bastards prey on these children.

        We must always hold the adults responsible and give the child the benefit of the doubt.

        Thank you for keeping us grounded in reality, chookybo.

        Thank you for visiting ‘sharia unveiled.’ We hope you stay with us.

        Ahavah and Shalom.

        – jaedon @ sharia inveiled


  5. She is not Stupid ! She might have been threatened. Why a Country like Britain is becoming like this . They have to bring policies to tackle this menace before its too late . Im from India and feel more threatened in the UK when it comes in facing with radicals . Ethnic British has to stay strong and counter this menace in the Name of National Interest . The French ,The Dutch all are slowly bringing strong policies to protect themselves .

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    • re: Ajiesh Thuvanoor Kay;

      Very well stated and I concur with you.

      My friends in India say it is getting ‘..real bad, real fast..’ at the moment there.

      Ajiesh, my brother.. the only true ‘solution’ I see to cure the plague of Islamic expansionism in the West and the eventual take-over by the Muslims of our Western nations is this:

      First, halting “ALL” immigration from Islamic nations and then, immediately initiate a policy of 100% repatriation of “ALL” Muslim immigrants that are already here, back to their original home country (or) any other Islamic country of their choosing.

      At first, to you.. this may appear ‘..extreme or on the fringe of sensibility..’ but, please consider:

      Hypothetically speaking, “if” we halted ALL Islamic immigration to our nations today and did not allow in ‘..even one..’ more Muslim from an Islamic nation..

      In 30-35 years, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Spain, etc. will still ALL be Islamic republics (or) VERY near the threshold to becoming one.

      And how is this?

      Islamic reproduction.

      The ‘average’ fertility rate of a Muslim couple (man and woman) in the West is: 8.1 children per/ Muslim man and woman.

      For non-Muslims: 1.13

      So, based upon the current demographics in the West, short of 100% repatriation of ALL Muslims, we will still eventually become Islamic republics.

      It’s simply a matter of time..

      Unless “we” act today.

      – – –


      I just sent you a message on facebook..

      Please check your ‘other folder’ (inbox)

      Peace and love be with you and your family..

      – – –

      j/s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  6. Why would a 20 yr old even get involved with an 80 yr old man. Had she not heard about muslim honor killings! She was rather beautiful, what a shame she had no one to advise her against him.

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  7. Ahh now we know why they wear the burka. They should carry a bottle of eye-wash too.
    So convert to a religion for a guy that is like 60 years older? I’m putting this in the “WTF?” file.

    I can’t believe this guy jumped to the conclusion that she was cheating on him, just because there was a pile of empty condom wrappers.

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  8. I feel no pity or sorrow for her, because these girls do not learn to not mess or much less have any type or relationship with any man from Islam, Muslim, or Jihadist, they all think all animals they are shit they will all end up treating you and doing shit like this to you stick to your own kind.

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  9. you stupid woman nobody cant force you into islam or convert you did that on your own and why date a man half of your age you as stupid as they come i dont feel sorry you should have know better date someone your own age you make me sick


  10. Said she was 14 when they met. Where the hell were her parents? And if you believe she wasn’t being raped by him long before she turned 18. He should be charged convicted and deported before another girl suffers at his ha ds for his religious fanatic craziness. This is everywhere. Immigration laws and visas need to determine if someo e is a religious terrorist before they enter their country. And they would have to admit to it if they were true believers wouldn’t they?


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  12. What the FHUK is she doing with an 80 year old muzzie at age 20 !!!! She’s mentally deranged, where are her parents ? I’d have killed that old bastard myself if he came near my daughter.


  13. kids today don’t think, you can’t mix race or religion just to try to fit in to them, because if your not the same color or race your going to be treated like dirt, believe it or not wake up and stop closing your eyes and saying it will not happen to me, your a fool if you think your right, you will get everything or anything you deserve when mix your self from your kind


  14. I cannot believe how many people are re-victimizing the victim and calling her stupid and putting the blame on her. She was 19 when it started. Naive yes but stupid? A controlling relationship is scary and a lot of times people are forced to have them because they fear the other person. She was/is a victim. She did not attack herself. People who blame her for this are the same ones who blame ladies for getting raped because of their wardrobe. Don’t victimize victims! Have some sympathy. Wear their shoes for a moment to perhaps understand compassion. 19 is really a little girl…My heart goes out to her. This was NOT her fault. I hope she recovers amazingly well and that she has a long and beautiful life. I also hope that all of the people blaming her never have to go thru the pain she has gone thru and then get ridiculed for it.


    • re: Molly Roxx;

      Personally, I agree with you, Molly.

      Thank you for your empathetic message of ‘a victim’s’ reality.

      Shalom and love be with you…

      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  15. No Moderate Muslims
    There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, because they wouldn’t be Muslims. If you are a Muslim, then you believe in the teachings of Muhammed and the goal of Islam is “World Islam” as stated in the Q’uran. Therefore, if you do not believe in those teachings, then you should not be a Muslim. The problem is once you are a Muslim you are always a Muslim.
    Islam is a political and military system masquerading as a religion. Muslims can lie to the infidel to promote Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood calls for a “Civilization-Jihadist Process,” in which they would destroy the Western civilization from within. Radical Muslims believe the infidels will have to convert to Islam, be enslaved or be killed. They state, we do not want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy. That is what we want.
    In the Christian faith, it is a sin to commit murder and you can go to Hell. In Islam, if you kill the infidel and die in the action you are martyred and promised paradise and 72 Virgins.
    In the United States we do not want to become a Muslim nation and be put under Sharia law, with Honor Killings. That is why we must remain vigilant to protect our freedom. Look at what has been happening in Germany, Great Britain and France.


    • re: Greg Zotta;

      You are absolutely correct.

      Thank you for your intellectual, scriptural-based contention.

      It is my personal belief that;

      (According to Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelations)

      Islam is ‘the Beast.’

      Muhammad was/is ‘the False Prophet.’

      Muslims are ‘the Army of the Anti-Christ.’ (as mentioned in Rev. ‘..carrying black flags..’ (ref. the Black flag of Islam w/ the shaha’da (and) the ISIS Black Flag.)

      The Mahdi (aka. the 12th Imam) that Muslims are awaiting.. who will, according to Islamic eschatology: ‘..rise up from the center of the earth and cleanse the earth of ALL Jews/Judeo-Christians..’ is the ‘Anti-Christ.’

      – – –

      I believe this is 100% consistent with scripture.

      I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

      If you have never seen this video, please watch/listen to it when you have time:


      – – –
      p.s. Thank you for your service to our republic.


      Shalom to you and your loved ones, my brother.

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  16. It would be more effective if there were pictures of the damage left. We have to stop these young girls from believing the lies that get them into these relationships.


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  18. Hey Israel bring the truth…/
    Don’t always keep lying ,, atleast once speake the truth
    who is ISIS, ALQAIDA, Bagdadi & rest of them…
    Refer to Bible & quran for what is going to haapen

    Very soon ppl wl come to know abt u../


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  20. Even abysmal stupidity has it’s limits when it comes to me having any sympathy for the person so afflicted.


  21. Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.


  22. Oh dear never mind. The scars will remind you to be true to yourself and your born beliefs. Did you really think it would be a happy normal relationship with a old Muslim? Silly girl!🙄😤


  23. no sympathy .. you got what you deserved…. there is more than enough evidence to convince you converting was dangerous. You made your bed and laided in it – just maybe your stupidity will be a en-wakening for someone else treading that same conversion to islam path!


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