6 comments on “Taliban Islamic Terrorists in Pakistan Murder 132 Children and Burn a Teacher Alive

  1. I wish i could get my hands on these cowardly idiots! I may be old, but i would send them to their, however many “virgins” with their “taliban” stuck, where it should be!


    • re: Gail;

      I concur 100% When I was compiling the material for this article, I listened to the audio of Malala’s speech. She is a brave little warrior. We have supported her and the work she does for 3 years now. Long before she was shot by the Taliban. (TTP)

      Her case is a reflection of the ignorance and depravity found within the confines of Islam. Any other culture would embrace and support such an intelligent, brave young girl with such grandiose ambitions, even in the face of adversity..

      They should be proud she is ‘..one of theirs..’ Hold her up..knowing, she was educated in their system and a product of their culture.

      But in reality, they fear her.. they loathe her…

      and why?

      Because she is a ‘female.’

      What ignorance..

      But she is brave and refuses to allow them to stop her.

      Good for her.

      Thank you for your poignant comment Gail..

      and thank you for reading..

      ‘sharia unveiled’

      – – –

      j/s/m @ sharia unveiled


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