11 comments on “…לפני כל האנשים

  1. In the words of Prime Minister Stephen Harper…….and on behalf of my family to all….

    “Tonight, Jews across Canada and around the world will gather with their family and friends to light the first candle of the chanukiah, an important tradition which people of the Jewish faith have upheld for over 2,000 years.

    “Chanukah is an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect on the meaning of faith, freedom and the triumph of good over evil, and to pay tribute to the tremendous contributions of Canada’s Jewish community in all areas of endeavour.

    “On behalf of all Canadians, I wish everyone celebrating Chanukah both in Canada and around the world a happy and peaceful holiday.

    Chag Chanukah Sameach!

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  2. Candles rekindled; Faith renewed; Tradition preserved. May you find meaning in the season and peace in your heart. As you celebrate the Festival of Lights, may your home be bright with happiness and love. Best Wishes at Hanukkah!

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    • re: kas1981;

      Dobre dien.

      What an absolutely beautiful message… 🙂

      If you do not mind me asking, are these “your own” words or is this a quote?

      Are you from Russia?

      If you have a facebook page, would you kindly consider providing me with your link here in a ‘reply’ comment and I will send you a friend request?

      p.s. I will delete the f/b link PRIOR to moderating your comment to protect your privacy. Only “I” will see it.

      Thank you so much for your amazing message..

      Das vidanya!



      – – –

      j/s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • The first portion probably heard somewhere. The second sentence is a greeting I heard before.

        In concerns with Facebook, it has been a long time since I turned it off. It became a superficial friendship with many, as well as a cyber sowing circle.

        Finally, I am Russian, although, I do have to ask; how did you detected my origin?


      • re: kas1981;

        Most blessed greetings, my friend.

        Thank you for your reply.

        I do understand and concur with your assessment of facebook. Although for me, ‘most’ of my facebook friends are my friends in real life.

        How did I know you are Russian?


        It takes one to know one, right?

        Actually, I’m fairly well trained to detect ‘subtleties.’

        I lived in Mockba and Leningrad for a period of time.

        May I send you a message at your email address?

        – – –


        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: B/b;

      That’s beautiful ‘N’

      Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

      Just in case I do not talk to you again before..

      I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas together..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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